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Wine News

  • Red Wine Good for Your Gut, Says Study

    Red Wine Good for Your Gut, Says Study

    A recent study has revealed that drinking red wine may be good for our intestines and thereby, our overall health. According to the findings of the study, the billions of bacteria that live in our intestines help in digestion and other bodily functions. And when a person eats or drinks certain foods ...

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  • Severe Frost Conditions Threaten Burgundy

    Severe Frost Conditions Threaten Burgundy

    Burgundy, one of France’s largest wine regions, is under threat. The frost condition is at its worst since 1981 and the winemakers are worried, reports According to the report, a severe frost passed by the entire wine region on the night of April 26, leaving many vines damaged. ...

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  • Napa Valley Train Case Settled Out of Court

    Napa Valley Train Case Settled Out of Court

    The iconic Napa Valley train was in the limelight in August last year for all the wrong reasons. 11 female members of a book club were escorted off the train because they were laughing too loudly. And since 10 out of the 11 women were African Americans, the case took on a racial angle, leading to wi ...

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  • Indian Wineries Clock in Record Production

    Indian Wineries Clock in Record Production

    Wineries located in India’s Nasik region have recorded the highest ever levels of wine produced in the units. 37 wineries situated in the area have produced a combined figure of 1.4 crore litres of wine, reports The Times of India. This is 22% more than the previous season and the most ever pr ...

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  • English Sparkling Wine Defeats Champagne in its own Backyard

    English Sparkling Wine Defeats Champagne in its own Backyard

    In a huge victory for the bubblies of England, a set of English sparkling wines beat the famed Champagne wines in a blind tasting event conducted in Paris. According to, the event was held at a restaurant in Paris where three English bubblies were pitted against three champagnes. Ou ...

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