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Kolkata Grape Harvest Feast

20 - feb - 14

The first Kolkata Grape Harvest Feast is all set to take place on February 23 at the Swissotel, New Town. The event will feature live music, award winning cuisines, entertainment shows, grape stomping and of course wine tasting events.

Being presented by Splash at Swissotel, in association with t2, the Grape Harvest Fest is a part of the first ever Kolkata Wine Festival.

Many national and international wineries such as Grover Zampa, Sula, Four Seasons, Nine Hills and Jacob’s Creek, among others, have tied up with the event and so the guests would be able to sample the best of wines.

Passes are priced at Rs. 1000 per head, and those interested can call (+91) 33 66266666, (+91) 33 66266557, (+91) 9007023445 for more information. The event will take place on February 23 from 12 noon to midnight.

Eric Trump

If @CNN actually cared to exercise any journalistic integrity it would know that 1) All of the shops around the par…

Thu Nov 23 13:32:33 2017

Bottles from Trump Winery have been on sale at a gift shop in Shenandoah National Park, drawing criticism from ethi…

Thu Nov 23 12:41:30 2017
Wells Adams

Oh, so it's completely fine to watch sports, get drunk on box wine, eat 7,000 calories and go to bed by 9:15 on tha…

Fri Nov 24 06:23:03 2017
Lisette Lee

RT @callhertee: 9pm in bed with a glass of wine....Friday nights

Sat Nov 25 02:01:39 2017
Jessie Claus 🤶🏻

@BailesTweets @MarkHoeppner Never seen that movie pal so I’ll just assume theres a fit Irish woman in it and she drinks loads of wine xx

Sat Nov 25 02:01:39 2017
Dean Morningstar

@Jasepoooo Wine nlng, good for the heart.

Sat Nov 25 02:01:38 2017

I want some wine

Sat Nov 25 02:01:35 2017
21 days

your water ain’t wine

Sat Nov 25 02:01:34 2017
Greg Gardiner

RT @Leanne_Laine: Hope you got lucky with your #BlackFriday finds my friends, cheers! (find my #wine art Irish for Wine here:…

Sat Nov 25 02:01:34 2017

i accidentally drank a bottle of wine to myself tonight :/

Sat Nov 25 02:01:33 2017

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