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Launch of Vijay Amritraj Wines
Launch of Vijay Amritraj Wines
12th September, The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Vijay Amritraj and Grover Zampa Launch Fine Wine in India

18 - sep - 14

Internationally renowned former Indian tennis player Vijay Amritraj recently launched his collection of “amrit” - fine wine (a red and a white) in Bangalore, India in partnership with the country’s leading winery, Grover Zampa.

“People generally say that he doesn’t need an introduction, but thenw when they start, they keep on talking about him for 10 minutes,” said Mr. Kapil Grover about the former tennis player on the special occasion.

The reserve collection by the duo is said to be instigated by the ace tennis player’s legendary feats on the tennis court and exemplary style of play. The two wines are said to be - a barrel fermented and barique aged Viognier (white) and while the other (red) is a signature blend of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

On sync with the launch of new wines, Amritraj said, “It is my pleasure to be associated with a brand like Grover Zampa. As a brand they have an impeccable sense of style, design and product when it comes to wine.”

Also present at the event were Anand Amritraj (Amritraj’s brother), Vivek Jaspal (Amritraj’s doubles partner) and a couple of friends to support him along with the thrid-generation owner of Grover’s Vineyards Karishma Grover, Grover Zampa CEO Sumedh Mandla, investor Ravi Vishwanathan to name a few. 

Amritraj also said, “The wines are such that, many would enjoy drinking. Personally, it is a favorite of his and the varietals have been distinctly and carefully selected to suit at large. It brings in an element of passion and sophistication.”

Earlier in June this year, the collection was first launched in London. Each bottle of wine is said to be offered at Rs. 1100 each (750 ml).


By Swati Sahoo

Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸

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Sat Apr 22 22:05:29 2017

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Mon Apr 24 05:32:00 2017

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Sun Apr 23 16:07:34 2017

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Mon Apr 24 09:29:37 2017
Hazel Grant

@wine_quotes Love to try this Distinguished looking Bottle of Fine Wine!

Mon Apr 24 09:29:32 2017

#wine and #food lands of #italy #vino @tuscany

Mon Apr 24 09:29:15 2017
Josh Oakey

Someone is telling me it's time to finish work...not quite there yet, but the wine is good 🍷 #SmallBiz…

Mon Apr 24 09:29:10 2017
Sipho ka Mnguni

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Mon Apr 24 09:29:06 2017
Craft Whisky Club

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Mon Apr 24 09:29:06 2017
Ivy House

Chhheeeeessseee please ...join us from 5pm for our Wine & Cheese night. Only £19.95 & ideal to share :-)

Mon Apr 24 09:29:05 2017

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