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Green Harvest And Its Potential For Wine Tourism

What exactly is ‘Green Harvest’? It is a viticulture term to describe removal of excess grape clusters and to let the remaining clusters ripen fully. Some winemakers from regions such Bordeaux and Burgundy have been practicing crop thinning since more than four decades but it can’tbe considered as a very common practice. This largely depends on the weather condition in a particular vintage year. More rains means more severe crop thinning and the opposite in case of a warm vint ...

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India's Top 25 Finest Wines

The recently announced ‘Top 25 Finest Wines of India’list could startle a few. While the Bangalore based SDU Winery’s SDU Syrah Reserve 2012 emerged as the highest scorer, there were some upsets too. “Selection of India’s Finest Wines”, the blind wine tasting event, which took place on 16-17 October at the Royal Bombay Yacht Club, Mumbai, is an initiative of the Mumbai Wine Club and the organisers of the Mumbai Wine Festival.This prestigious list aims to offer ...

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Think Pink, Think Rosé

Picture a colourful summer afternoon in the South of France, a wonderful Mediterranean cuisine, and the only drink that comes to mind is a glass of fresh, fruit flavoured, crisp Rosé wine. Interestingly, the popularity of Rosé wines in recent times has moved beyond just a summer drink. It is increasingly becoming an all purpose drink appealing to a mixed bunch of people. The latest Vinexpo report also seems to suggest the same when it says, “With new consumers and new occasi ...

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Approaching Wine

Many moons ago, upon my return to India, I had started a column titled, “Wine Wisdom”. It had decent run and I got my fair share of comments and queries. Today, almost a decade has passed to that moment of glory in personal publishing, I have written many more for many more, and even the overall wine quotient seems to have risen, there remain questions that seem to never die. Or, otherwise put, there seem to be questions that seem to reinvent themselves, queries whose validity is ind ...

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To Uncork or To Unscrew

There is a new game in town. It’s like paper-scissor-stone except that there are only two weapons – corks, and screw-caps. The result is always that same, that one always emerges winner in each bout they fight, ceding territory to each other, exchanging blows and believers – a lot of noise but no final concluding words really. For a long time, cork was the old champion on the block – undisputed, unquestioned. It was accepted as it had time on its side. It also had a n ...

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When Aging is Sexy

Wine is a beautiful thing, but you don't need me to tell you this; in fact, if you are reading this you already know how beautiful wine is. However, wine does not just magically appear; although it is magical. For me I have always likened a bottle of wine to a woman. Give her the proper attention and she will treat you right. But just as a wine, a good woman takes time to grow, mature and develop into that unforgettable, great woman (some quicker than others). And just as with a w ...

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It's All about Connection

I was somewhat of a late bloomer when it came to alcohol. I didn’t drink in college or graduate school. In fact I almost never touched it unless my brother or my guy then (husband now) was around. Being apathetic to peer pressure helped, I guess! There was no judgment attached to my choice. For many, alcohol lowers inhibitions and creates an illusion of ease and freedom. I was blessed—in that, I was comfortable in my skin wherever I was. I didn’t think I needed to drink to fee ...

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German Wines & India

The emergence of BRIC (a term coined exactly 10 years ago) has been a much-needed rip-curl amidst receding financial currents, providingnew, alternative markets for most major industries to sustain and expand. In the aftermath of this near-global financial meltdown, traditional wine-producerstoo (like Germany) are out meeting new clients in new cultures. While China has maximum suitors, many a country/producer dilly-dallies about whom to court next. Specifically with regards to German wine expor ...

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Of Change, Luxury and Liquor

The person who said that the only thing constant is change perhaps today lies somewhere, tired of having ever been so right. If it weren’t for change, the history channel could well be the daily news. Sure it takes the whole joy out of spontaneity but events would have been a lot easier to chronologically remember.Maybe I am ranting, maybe I am making sense, who knows. All I know is that this too is temporary and will soon pass. So, if you care for the rants of a slightly off-the-centre lo ...

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A Glass of Fun at Hakkasan

I am writing this piece from London where I happen to have been parked for a few days with little prospect of work or any form of planned leisure. I am, as many of the stoics would say, wasting my time frivolously. I would disagree but that would distract me, even if momentarily so, and when I am wasting my own time I do not wish to be distracted.But I do make time for wine and food. So when the team at Hakkasan invited me to come and taste wines with them and then to pair it with food, it was a ...

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