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The Great Grover Wine Festival
The Great Grover Wine Festival
Bharatiya City, Bangalore February 21, 2015

The Great Grover Wine Festival

26 - feb - 15

The Great Grover Wine Festival, held in Bangalore for the first time, was a grand success. The day-long, fun-filled event was held on February 21 at the Bharatiya City lawns in the northern fringes of the city.

The guests at the event were seen enjoying themselves while sampling the wines. A host of other activities, such as shopping, music and interesting dining options also kept them busy. Renowned musicians such as Swarathma kept the mood alive and the guests were seen swaying to the beats. DJs, stand up comedians and other artists kept the mood electrifying throughout the day.

One of the biggest hits of the event was the flea market where thevisitors were seen in large numbers. Interesting artefacts, both with an urban and rural touch, were available at the market, much to the joy of the guests.

As the day progressed, the guests indulged in more fun filled activities such as the grape stomp. The stomp was a huge success and the people who got their feet into the pits were more than delighted.

Apart from a host of wine lovers from across the city, many celebrities were also seen attending the festival. Grover Zampa’s CEO, Mr Sumedh Mandla said, “The Great Grover Wine Festival gives us an opportunity to celebrate our success with our patrons and provide a relaxed day out with an array of fun filled activities aimed at rejuvenating and providing a learning experience with wines.”


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Tue Sep 19 15:23:54 2017
Brandon Woelfel

Just went to a wine & paint night and honestly had way too much fun🎨🥂

Thu Sep 21 01:29:42 2017

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Thu Sep 21 08:46:55 2017
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Thu Sep 21 08:46:48 2017
Sam Watts

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Thu Sep 21 08:46:48 2017
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WineNews - The pocket wine website in Italy

Thu Sep 21 08:46:44 2017

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