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Vinitaly International Wine & Spirits Exhibition

07 - mar - 14

6 -9th April, 2014


The 48th Vinitaly International Wine & Spirits Exhibition organized by Veronafiere this year will focus on Internationalisation, buyers, exports, organic farming and training.

Vinitaly, will attract more than 50,000 international operators from 120 countries with specific initiatives promoting incoming attendance, combined with a format that is kept up-to-date with every edition.

Vininternational-International Wine Production, for the first time will bring international exhibitors under one roof welcoming more than 70 from the main producer countries.

Vinitalybio will also make its debut and is organised thanks to the collaboration of Federbio, a specialist exhibition exclusively for certified organic wines.

The event spread over four days will have an impressive programme of guided tastings, conventions and presentations of market research and surveys.

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Thu Sep 20 13:25:41 2018

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La pupas

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Thu Sep 20 13:25:36 2018

RT @kaitlinmaarie: wine mom: libra, scorpio, aquarius vodka aunt: virgo, sagittarius, aries gay cousin: cancer, capricorn, taurus barbec…

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