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A day long stomping fest at Grover Zampa, Nasik.
A day long stomping fest at Grover Zampa, Nasik.
25th January, 2014, Sanjegaon, Nasik

The Enthralling Wine Escapade by Grover Zampa

10 - feb - 14

A bit of fun, gossip, music, food and wine and lots of relaxation is how one would ideally like to put an end to their weekend. In a way, kick start one’s week, especially if one gets a hand-on-hand opportunity to unwind in the luxurious lap of India’s Napa Valley. The day long stomping fest organized by Grover Zampa was one such day long thrilling event in Sanjegaon Nasik.

Like every year, Grover Zampa organized The Great Grover Stomping event in its lush green vineyard, previously known as Valle Di Vin. The entire day was filled with entertaining activities to keep the who’s who of the society engaged over a glass of wine by the award winning brand.

With the serene background and a perfect sunny Saturday, the fun and frolicking activities with a bit of wine knowledge for the enthusiast and cynosures, was just perfect. The first part of the recreation began with some vineyard discoveries led by the host of the evening Mr. Sumedh Singh Mandla, CEO, Grover Zampa Vineyards. With a brief about one of the oldest vineyard in India and the wine educator answering all the queries of the guests, it was indeed a great start. Guests were led to nose out the various grape varietals grown by the vineyard like the famous Sauvignon Blanc, Tempranillo, Viognier, to name a few. It was then followed by some great cellar tastings one of which included their award winning wine - La Reserve. The personal guided tour took care of all the queries related to the world of wines.

Admittedly, it was really an enchanting experience to witness the entire wine making process, starting from the storing, to the bottling to packaging and labeling of wines.

The other activities included the thrilling grape stomping, live cooking with wine by the chefs of The Gateway Hotel, Nasik and a live performance by one of the popular bands, Junckt.

The incredible evening came to an end with a charity auction organized by Grover. Famous artists Jatin Das and Rini Dumal painted a few portraits on the spot which were auctioned off. Also auctioned were the special award winning wines signed by Bollywood celebrities Huma Qureshi, Deepika Padukone and Nargis Fakhri. The proceeds of the charity were given to a local primary school.

The evening also saw few famed corporate whizz-bangs and socialites including Shamita Singha, Amit Uplenchwar, Raj Kumar Jatia, Karan Grover, among others.

By Swati Sahoo

Brandon Wardell

*sniffs wine w my pinky out* is this a sativa

Wed Aug 15 06:12:36 2018
A Mancino-Williams

Our first meeting of Lego Club is not going well.

Tue Aug 14 21:51:14 2018
Catherine Byaruhanga

Spoke to @Barbiekyagulan2 Bobi Wine’s wife this afternoon she says their driver was shot by Police at a Hotel parki…

Tue Aug 14 11:38:23 2018
Hannu Harjunmaa

RT @iersel: Time for a perfect evening... . . . . #gloomhaven #arrogantfrog #rose #syrah #bordspel #wine #ribetpink #wijn #game #relax #fri…

Wed Aug 15 22:41:24 2018
Mad Moiselle

RT @BLCKSMTHdesign: my boyfriend i made out of boxes of wine took me to the garden and surprised me...guys i said YES!!!…

Wed Aug 15 22:41:22 2018
Sandy Mazzon

Treat yourself and your friends to a DIY spa party! 1. Set the mood with a relaxing essential oil in your diffuser.…

Wed Aug 15 22:41:22 2018
maryam jaafar

RT @FritzMagSA: Get the whole family involved in these top weekend events – celebrate science week with a wine, peruse @SALAfestival shows…

Wed Aug 15 22:41:22 2018
Bridget 🍋🍷🥂🇨🇦

RT @DitzMcGeee: it's tricky to walk a line, to walk a line, when drunk on wine. it's tricky!

Wed Aug 15 22:41:19 2018
Hannu Harjunmaa

RT @teafestivalsaus: You love #tea, you love #wine, but have you ever thought about combining the two? The #sydneyteafestival is your first…

Wed Aug 15 22:41:18 2018
helena ottenritter

RT @CaucasianJames: fellas my zumba class got pushed back tonight so i’m gonna be a little late to wine wednesday. go ahead and start prett…

Wed Aug 15 22:41:16 2018

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