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A Storm in the Glass of Wine

The sudden and unexpected change in the economy of Greece managed to iron out the crease in the brows of industry people, albeit for a very short time span. In no time the wine market faced another hard time and the situation was no better than the regular stock market.The stalemate condition of the market is still prevailing. After enjoying a steady growth in both developed and emerging markets across the globe and creating a promising consumer base, the wine market in recent times is stepping ...

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Asset Wines: Snapshots August 2011 – December 2011

As another eventful year inches towards its end, it’s time again to take account of the Fine Wine market compared to money market.  A weak market has left its mark on wine market too and during the month of August, September and October, Fine Wine market started to experience the recent downturn with NAV down 9.29% to 78.43p. Liv-ex 100 was down by 4.53% and Liv-ex Claret Chip was down by 5.90% in the month of October. The performance of Fine Wine stumbled across the world, not only i ...

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Asset Wines: Snapshots May 2011 – July 2011

May kept its reputation as a negative month with downward trends continuing since last few years. Liv-ex 100 was limp with a -0.01% decline in April and a +21.15% growth on year-to-year basis. The downturn continued in June as the best description of the month could be that of one from Greek tragedies. The wine stock was volatile as the market see-sawed through out the whole month and looked as fragile as ever. Despite a minimal surge during the end of June most of the wine stocks were down exce ...

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Asset Wines: Snapshots, April 2011

March had been a month of ‘crude oil clouds’ hovering over the sky of the global wine industry which finally resulted in rain in the early part of May, thus bringing  a 30% fall in the price of silver and a 10% fall in crude oil. For all the month of April, the wine industry was at a stand still with Liv-ex Fine Wine indexes falling flat with -0.02% decline in April and +26.5% growth year-on-years. The value of the index as of the end of April 2011 was 358.95,&n ...

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Asset Wines: Snapshots, March 2011

During the month of March, the world remained unstable because of the unsteady condition in Libya and Japan, though the wine world retained managed to retain its ground, though marginally. After energetic price rises in January and February, the fine wine market paused for breath in March. Mounting global economic uncertainty, as well as expectations of an expensive Bordeaux 2010 campaign, may well have contributed to the slowdown in trade. The Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 exp ...

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Asset Wines: Snapshots, February 2011

The month of February saw wine trade across the globe lose some of the momentum it had in January. According to Liv-ex Fine Wine Index, total exchange turnover fell 18% compared to January, though it increased 45% year on year basis. However, despite the lower volumes the Liv-ex indices rose on the back of constrained supply of top Bordeaux brands.Though the Bordeaux market appears to be broadening outside the usual suspects, other regions have yet to see a rise in interest. As a result, ...

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Asset Wines: Snapshots, December'10 – January'11

The last month of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 rolled out in style for the Fine Wine Market. The benchmark index Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 gained a total of 40.5% in December, 2010. The value of Liv-ex Fine Wne 500 index was 261.13, a 1.54% growth from last month. The index was up 21.11% year-on-year. Maintaining the same growth, the Liv-ex Fine Wine 50 index rose by 57% outperforming other asset classes like gold and stock price.The positive trend well continued in January with the fine win ...

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Asset Wines – Snapshots, November 2010

It has so far been an icy winter in Europe. Even though the temperature continues to dip, the Liv-ex Fine Wine Index showed a sharp rise. In a drastic contrast to the cold climate outside, trade on the Liv-ex Fine Wine index continued to heat up in November. Exchange turnover was up 4% month-on-month and it hit the second highest level of the year. To sum up, the Liv-ex Fine Wine Exchange is set to achieve record levels of trade in 2010 in terms of both volume and trade. The value of Liv ...

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Asset Wines – Snapshots, October 2010

October was a month of making and breaking world records as auction rooms ruled the world of wine. Became the most expensive wine ever sold in any auctions only to be replaced by. The upbeat mood continued outside auction rooms as well as strong buying at the Lafite ex-cellars auction in Hong Kong triggered fierce trade on the exchange towards month end, reports Liv-ex, which led to new price highs. As expected, turnover on the exchange hit its second highest monthly figure to date, up 18 ...

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Asset Wines: Snapshots, September 2010

The wine world at last breathed a sigh of relief. The nagging slowdown that was affecting the trade hard finally shifted in the month of September and trading accelerated immediately. According to Liv-ex Fine Wine Index, the First Growths and their second wines were in high demand once again. Mouton was the top choice among the First Growths while Pavillon ruled amongst the second wines. Exchange turnover of September saw 37% increase on the month of August and 21% year-on-year. Septembe ...

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