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Monsoon Winds Wine Festival in Lavasa

27 - may - 14

Pune based Monsoon Winds Enterprises Ltd. is all set to commence its event this year at Lavassa titled – F.A.M.E (Food, Arts, Music and Entertainment) 2014 Lavasa.

The event is scheduled for 3 days i.e 30th May to 1st June, 2014 at Promenade C.

Apart from spending some quality time over wine and food there is also a flea market organized as well as line dancing, live performances, an art gallery, dance workshop and grape stomping.

This is the company’s first Food and Wine event at Lavassa.

For more details please contact +918007911513.

Nisa Local

Wine-ding down this Sunday? The weekend may be nearly over but we want to make sure your stocked up for the next on…

Sun Nov 19 09:00:03 2017
Lucy Worsley

Waitrose: 'I need to see proof of age before you can buy that wine.' Nice old gent behind me in queue who watches…

Sat Nov 18 09:43:52 2017

I love wine

Sat Nov 18 15:29:58 2017

RT @suziday123: #MyThanksgivingWishWouldBe a new sink just in time for the holidays 😉🍷#wine

Mon Nov 20 00:07:16 2017

wish i could have wine tho 🙄 gotta love my family and sticking to the no alcohol until you turn 21 y a y

Mon Nov 20 00:07:16 2017
stacy renee

@_tayymo 😂 like..... i walked out of the hospital and went straight to Randall for a double fist of wine bottles

Mon Nov 20 00:07:15 2017
Michelle Williams

RT @TheFermtdFruit: The 2014 @beringervyds Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon sure doesn't disappoint, with enough depth and power to satis…

Mon Nov 20 00:07:15 2017

@Huntwalt um one time in Paris i dropped the cork into the wine bottle and had to throw out my wine. i am #against wine corks

Mon Nov 20 00:07:12 2017

RT @audonamission: @IvankaTrump Congratulations to the millions who will no longer have health care coverage because it was more important…

Mon Nov 20 00:07:10 2017
ghost girl 🖤

Self care is keeping wine in the mini fridge of your room

Mon Nov 20 00:07:07 2017

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