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Monsoon Winds Wine Festival in Lavasa

27 - may - 14

Pune based Monsoon Winds Enterprises Ltd. is all set to commence its event this year at Lavassa titled – F.A.M.E (Food, Arts, Music and Entertainment) 2014 Lavasa.

The event is scheduled for 3 days i.e 30th May to 1st June, 2014 at Promenade C.

Apart from spending some quality time over wine and food there is also a flea market organized as well as line dancing, live performances, an art gallery, dance workshop and grape stomping.

This is the company’s first Food and Wine event at Lavassa.

For more details please contact +918007911513.


Would you like a glass of #wine? 🍷 #chile @SJofficial

Wed Apr 25 19:11:26 2018
Lee Teuk


Wed Apr 25 23:29:57 2018
FOX Sports Ohio

A WINE-AND-GOLD WALKOFF PLAYOFF WINNER!!!! HE DOES IT AGAIN!!!! @KingJames for the win!!!! #WhateverItTakes

Thu Apr 26 01:46:59 2018
trung kiên

RT @RealityTalent7: Sonoma's 'reality TV' encore features travel, not wine

Thu Apr 26 02:19:13 2018

RT @CCabelloNews: Camila performing Sangria Wine at the #NBTSTourDetroit (via bsalowich on Instagram)

Thu Apr 26 02:19:12 2018
Brittney Spears

See this is why I don’t drink wine it takes no time for me to feel tipsy

Thu Apr 26 02:19:12 2018
Janice W

@AkilahObviously I should have had wine with dinner! There’s always tomorrow! I’ll watch tomorrow with wine! 💁🏾‍♀️

Thu Apr 26 02:19:12 2018

RT @CCabelloNews: Camila performing Sangria Wine at the #NBTSTourDetroit (via bsalowich on Instagram)

Thu Apr 26 02:19:11 2018
shana banana bobana

RT @lilbratzzdoll: when I get my own spot I’m gonna spend my off days in nothing but a silk robe, blasting R&B & drinking wine.

Thu Apr 26 02:19:11 2018
Wes Burns

Lebron James is the greatest player EVER. Year 15 still carrying the cavs the same way he always has. @KingJames like fine wine #goat 🐐🐐

Thu Apr 26 02:19:10 2018

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