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Monsoon Winds Wine Festival in Lavasa

27 - may - 14

Pune based Monsoon Winds Enterprises Ltd. is all set to commence its event this year at Lavassa titled – F.A.M.E (Food, Arts, Music and Entertainment) 2014 Lavasa.

The event is scheduled for 3 days i.e 30th May to 1st June, 2014 at Promenade C.

Apart from spending some quality time over wine and food there is also a flea market organized as well as line dancing, live performances, an art gallery, dance workshop and grape stomping.

This is the company’s first Food and Wine event at Lavassa.

For more details please contact +918007911513.

Christopher Hayes

I imagine John Boehner waking up early today, & sitting in front of a big flat screen w C-SPAN on, a glass of red wine, and a pack of smokes

Fri Mar 24 10:14:57 2017

How the 1% are prepping for the apocalypse: underground swimming pools, huge wine cellars, movie theaters...…

Sat Mar 25 05:31:03 2017
Cyn Santana

Just like wine ✨

Sat Mar 25 03:17:22 2017

RT @WannasWorld: Gyptian: "Wine slow fi me" American Girl:

Sat Mar 25 17:38:19 2017

29 Songs That Prove Country Music Today Won't Ever Be As Good As The '90s: "Strawberry wine…

Sat Mar 25 17:38:16 2017
Navneet Hans

The old YT man and the Indian man ended up getting pissed on two bottles of wine together. An unexpected spin-off to the Before Trilogy

Sat Mar 25 17:38:13 2017

Too excited to get some wine down me🍷🌞

Sat Mar 25 17:38:10 2017
Market St. Wineshop

We live in a golden age of wine. Especially with the free market in wine bottle closures. Taste Screwtop Allstars.…

Sat Mar 25 17:38:10 2017

I forgot about the wine in the freezer

Sat Mar 25 17:38:10 2017
wines vintage

#populaire - Vins #vins_fr #wine

Sat Mar 25 17:38:09 2017

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