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South African Wine Festival

26 - mar - 14

16th April, 2014

Hotel Icon, Hong Kong


A celebration of South African wines, the South African Wine Festival is an all-day tasting festival of over 150 wines from 50 award-winning wineries.

The event is a celebration of the 20th anniversary of South Africa’s young democracy and what better way to celebrate the Rainbow Nation, than to try a glass or two of its equally multi-faceted wines.

The event starting 6:00 to 8:30pm will include delicious canapés, a Pebbles Project Friendship bracelet, and a great tasting session.

A wine-pairing dinner will be hosted by Neil Grant, the chairman of the South African Sommelier Association, on 25th April (Friday).

As a special wine of the month promotion, an exclusive selection of South African wines will be available throughout the entire month of April to enjoy with the international cuisine.

SABC News Online

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Sun Jul 22 19:34:51 2018
Grant Stern

I charted Carter Page, Russian state-run company Rosneft whose management he met with, Ambassador Kislyak and the o…

Sun Jul 22 14:11:50 2018
Pratt Daddy

Red wine def one of the best things to ever happen to me

Sun Jul 22 07:26:54 2018

happy birthday to the QUEEN herself @Cupcakesn_wine!!!!!!!! u deserve the world and more

Mon Jul 23 15:24:13 2018
Iconic💣Iconoclast [heretical slut]

RT @shanley: Maynard James Keenan (@mjkeenan of @tool @aperfectcircle @caduceuscellars) is a child rapist. Stop supporting this music and…

Mon Jul 23 15:24:11 2018
Benoit Capostagno

@WendzH I don't understand this tweet. Are there brussel sprouts behind the wine? Can't see a problem here

Mon Jul 23 15:24:10 2018
lynn 🐝🐦🐝

@Steveredwolf I'm thinking pear liqueur 😋😋. Pear wine.. Pear jam 😂🍐

Mon Jul 23 15:24:09 2018
Vickie Turner

RT @NoteFromSELF: @realDonaldTrump Your casino lost a fortune. Your wine lost a fortune. Your steaks lost a fortune. You've filed for bankr…

Mon Jul 23 15:24:03 2018
Charlie’s Angel 🔥

@MadKween @J_o_n_J973 @MCsquared02 I stayed at the Bellagio last time I was there. Yeah, I’ve never been a drinker…

Mon Jul 23 15:24:03 2018

RT @KauaianSCANDAL: Since it’s supposed to rain for the next few days, I think we should all cancel work for the week and binge watch somet…

Mon Jul 23 15:24:00 2018

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