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South African Wine Festival

26 - mar - 14

16th April, 2014

Hotel Icon, Hong Kong


A celebration of South African wines, the South African Wine Festival is an all-day tasting festival of over 150 wines from 50 award-winning wineries.

The event is a celebration of the 20th anniversary of South Africa’s young democracy and what better way to celebrate the Rainbow Nation, than to try a glass or two of its equally multi-faceted wines.

The event starting 6:00 to 8:30pm will include delicious canapés, a Pebbles Project Friendship bracelet, and a great tasting session.

A wine-pairing dinner will be hosted by Neil Grant, the chairman of the South African Sommelier Association, on 25th April (Friday).

As a special wine of the month promotion, an exclusive selection of South African wines will be available throughout the entire month of April to enjoy with the international cuisine.

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Thu Nov 23 13:32:33 2017

Bottles from Trump Winery have been on sale at a gift shop in Shenandoah National Park, drawing criticism from ethi…

Thu Nov 23 12:41:30 2017
Wells Adams

Oh, so it's completely fine to watch sports, get drunk on box wine, eat 7,000 calories and go to bed by 9:15 on tha…

Fri Nov 24 06:23:03 2017
Dani Jacobson ✌

So thankful I’m aging like wine 🍷 because wine is my favorite.

Sat Nov 25 02:03:54 2017

im playing poptopica and drinking red wine, living my best life and prob making 12 year old me proud

Sat Nov 25 02:03:54 2017
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Sat Nov 25 02:03:52 2017

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Sat Nov 25 02:03:47 2017
Healing Component

Wine and weed 🤤

Sat Nov 25 02:03:46 2017

@mamamellet @troyesivan what are you drinking? Beer or wine? Or beer out of a wine glass?? I'm confused

Sat Nov 25 02:03:46 2017
Michelle Thacker

Time for @DatelineNBC and a glass of wine! Perfect Friday night!

Sat Nov 25 02:03:45 2017

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