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Secrets of the Sommeliers

08 - apr - 14

As a person with deep knowledge for wines, a strong advocate of blind tasting and wine director for Michael Mina group of restaurants in San Francisco, Rajat Parr and wine writer Jordan MacKay present a fascinating portrait of the world’s top wine professionals and their trade. Their book carrying the sub-title, ‘How to Think and Drink Like the World's Top Wine Professionals’ offers an amazing exploration of the inside world of sommeliers, sharing their unique perspectives, extensive expertise, and best stories.

A number of nationally-known sommeliers have been quoted in the book, and the authors have woven throughout their colleagues’ insights, recommendations, and entertaining stories, along with Parr’s own takes on his profession and favorite winemakers and wines. Along the way, Parr and Mackay give an immersion course in tasting and serving wine, share strategies for securing hard-to-find bottles at a good price and identifying value sweet spots among the many regions; and teach readers how to make inspired food pairings. A must read for wine professionals et al.

by Rajat Parr and Jordan MacKay
ISBN: 978-1-58008-298-3



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Mon May 29 07:00:49 2017
Elnathan John

In Nigeria, the British don't need to do too much work spying. We will convene at the ambassadors house to volunteer information over wine.

Sun May 28 18:14:59 2017
Amanda M-W

Yes, finally a swimsuit that allows me to sneak a ham poolside.

Mon May 29 21:33:41 2017

RT @nightshotradio: #NP #SHARE #HEIMediaGroup @kigtv #Londonislovinit Machel Montano & Sean Paul f. Major Lazer - One Wine (Radio Edit) ht…

Tue May 30 01:41:53 2017
Stephen LaPre,Sr

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Tue May 30 01:41:51 2017
rocket diva

@_txgal Meh . . . Just finished the bottle of wine . . . Oops!?🙄

Tue May 30 01:41:46 2017
bitch in bc.

@canadian_wine_o Wine. You need wine today.

Tue May 30 01:41:46 2017
Katerina Daniele

"Do you want some alcohol to sanitize that?"-mom "Yea, they're giving out beer and wine down there"-Angelo .... I wish this wasn't serious

Tue May 30 01:41:46 2017

andddddd mom just dropped her wine bottle

Tue May 30 01:41:46 2017

they're drinking wine coolers. 🌝

Tue May 30 01:41:42 2017

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