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The History of Wine in 100 Bottles

21 - may - 15

When a well-loved British TV presenter and writer launches a new book, everyone sits up and takes note. And when the subject of the book is wine, it becomes all the more appealing. Perhaps these are the two reasons why Oz Clarke’s new book, The History of Wine in 100 Bottles is generating so much hype. The hype, mind you, is not without reason, as the book is quite a fine read and a must have for every true wine lover.

Clarke, in his signature friendly and chatty tone, takes the readers through a fascinating journey of wine. From the earliest known wine to have been bottled and tasted to the newest wine trends in the world, he touches on many interesting topics. He treats each episode as a separate story and while informing the reader a great deal about the events, tells a beautiful and gripping story through it all.

Apart from some hardcore facts about the history of wine, Clarke, in an attempt to keep the mood of the book light, has spoken about some rather interesting and amusing matters such as wine myths too. He says, “Since drinkers love to spin tales, it is not surprising that there are a fair few legends about the discovery of wine and the planting of vineyards, which may – or may not – have an element of truth about them.”

Among the 100 stories, we find stories about wine bottles, corks, vineyards, wine vintages, viticulture trends and even the newer instances of wine fraud. The stories are woven around the historical events in the wine world and give the readers a wonderful insight into this very world. The tones of the stories are casual and simple but the information provided is deep and profound. This wonderful contrast makes the book a great read indeed.

The book, published by Sterling, is available in India for Rs. 1700.

by Oz Clarke
ISBN: 1454915617



Mood: Kris Jenner alone in a playground with a bottle of wine

Tue Sep 19 22:14:04 2017
Nikki & Brie

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Tue Sep 19 15:23:54 2017
Brandon Woelfel

Just went to a wine & paint night and honestly had way too much fun🎨🥂

Thu Sep 21 01:29:42 2017
John Ziegelbauer

⚡️ “Colbert gives Clinton a dossier of unused election night jokes ” Clinton drink's wine, look's at naked guy's. Now this is a role model?

Thu Sep 21 08:45:00 2017 | SA Wine

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Thu Sep 21 08:45:00 2017

@ElaineSoderlund can you come to France to have sister time over wine? 🍷 -miss you, amanda

Thu Sep 21 08:44:54 2017

@UKIPPOOLE @robynegee Already have. French wine and cheese harder but will try. British wine getting very good.

Thu Sep 21 08:44:54 2017
Cherry ✨

RT @Sisi_Tomi: I need wine, chocolates, ice cream, cake, booty rubs, tummy rubs, back shots, cuddles, chicken, vodka, Urrrgghh

Thu Sep 21 08:44:48 2017
Oladoke Afolabi

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Thu Sep 21 08:44:40 2017
Mr Shαde Cuηηiηghαm

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Thu Sep 21 08:44:37 2017

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