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Mysore Wine Festival
Mysore Wine Festival
18th- 20th October, 2013, Oil Palm Project Office, Horticulture Department, Mysore

A Reason to Celebrate Indian Wine

30 - oct - 13

The Princely State of Mysore recently hosted a three day gala wine festival which began on the premises of the Oil Palm Project Office of the Horticulture Department on B.N. Road. The festival was inaugurated by former Minister and MLA Tanveer Sait.

Board Managing Director B. Krishna, Deputy Director of Horticulture H.M. Nagaraj and officials from the Board and the department were also present.

Wine enthusiasts turned out in big numbers to this first-ever wine festival in Mysore which was jointly organized by the Karnataka Wine Board, Bangalore, and the Department of Horticulture. The event witnessed the participation of around eleven wineries and aimed to educate visitors about wine and promote wine culture, as the Board maintains that wine has health benefits.

Many foreign tourists visited the festival and were seen interacting with the representatives of wineries.

Speaking to the media persons, Tanveer Sait said, “Events like the wine festival would encourage wine grape cultivation in the State.”

“As an alternative to tobacco cultivation, growers can switch over to wine grape cultivation in tobacco-growing areas of Mysore,” he said.

Over 40 brands of red wine, white wine and sparkling wine from across India were available at the festival. A wine variety with naturally generated alcohol (not fortified) was also available at a couple of stalls.

Among the many wineries participating, was a winery from Nasik, Maharashtra. Prashanth Kumar, zonal manager, Nasik Vintners Private Ltd said, “Visitors will be educated about wine. It is advisable to serve some wines chilled to feel the real taste.”

Another representative of a winery near Bangalore said the wine industry is growing by 20 to 30 per cent annum in the country, but it is small compared to the liquor industry.

According to Karnataka Wine Board, consumption of wine in India is less. The rate of wine consumption is growing at 25 to 30 per cent per year.

“Karnataka has plenty of opportunities for wine production. The climatic conditions in the State are best suited for the production of grapes suited for wine making. Krishna valley and Nandi valley in the State are considered important grape growing areas in the State. There is good demand for wines in local and international markets,” it said in a press release.

There is zero per cent sugar in wines since all the available sugar gets converted into alcohol in the wine making process and therefore diabetic patients can drink wine (in reasonable limits).

All in all, the wine festival truly captured the festive spirit of Mysoreans ahead of the Dusshera festivities in the city.


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