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Orion Wine Festival, 2015
Orion Wine Festival, 2015
A three-day scintillating wine fest in Bengaluru's Shopper's Paradise - Orion Mall, Malleswaram

A Wine Fest Amidst the Shoppers Paradise to Remember

27 - jan - 15

With the festivities in full thong, the Silicon Valley of India got to taste it’s this year’s first wine fest at the Lakeside in Bengaluru’s shopper’s paradise – Orion Mall, Malleswaram.

The wine fest in association with the Karnataka wine Board (KWB) was a three day state-of the art affair where the wine enthusiasts got to taste wines, sample wine and cheese, a firsthand experience on stomping, a fun and frolic food extravaganza. To add to the extravaganza, there was a vintage car display for the automobile lovers at the wine fest.

To make the fest all the more interesting and keep the jive of the enthusiasts up there were a couple of interesting sessions held on wine, wine and food, wine and cheese to name a few.

Several music and dance performances were also the highlight of the three day fun, food, wine and frolic. The event started on January 23rd and concluded on January 25th.

An about of 12 wineries displayed their products and gave samples worth Rs. 50.

The entry for the fest were priced Rs. 250 per head.

All in all it was one of the successful wine fests in Bengaluru burgeoning towards inculcating wine culture amongst the enthusiasts and bring our Indian wines to the forefront.  


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