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by Madhurima Mukhopadhyay

What you wear to a wine event carries a lot of importance. So if you are about to go to a wine tasting event, make sure you have your outfit, accessories and shoes in place writes Madhurima Mukhopadhyay.

A wine event is not just about tasting wine. It is also about looking good and feeling confident. As a result, what you wear to a wine event carries a lot of importance and you cannot afford to show up at such a place in your sweatshirt! So if you are about to go to a wine tasting event, make sure you have your outfit, accessories and shoes in place. The right look is important, as not only will it help you stand out in the crowd, but it will also help you fall in line with the classiness associated with wine.

Picking the right outfit

The time of the day when the event is being held is important here. If the wine event is in the morning or during the day time, you need to be dressed in smart casuals. Ladies can opt for floral, light dresses. Mid-length skirts and fitted blouses also work well. Your outfit should be casual, without being too simple. If the event has a color theme, you must most definitely choose an outfit in that color. If you are attending a wine tasting event in the evening, opt for a short cocktail dress. If you want a more traditional look, you can team a chiffon or a georgette saree with a fashionable blouse.

Men can opt for denim, linen or corduroy pants, depending upon the weather. Linen shirt with jeans is another popular choice for a daytime event. You can also team up a collared tee with a corduroy bottom and pull off a very dapper look. Whatever you do, remember to wear a collared shirt at all times. A collarless tee is too casual for a wine tasting event. For an evening event, you can try wearing a formal shirt with your denims. Throw a jacket on top for the smart casual look. Do not wear a tie or a bow tie unless the event calls for it.


Since a wine tasting event is a semi-formal occasion, it is advisable for men to wear covered shoes. Suede shoes are almost a perfect choice for such an event. Women on the other hand can team their outfit with a classy pump or a flirty sandal. It is always advisable to wear comfortable footwear as a wine event may involve walking. So shun those heels and go for the stylish peep-toe flats or gladiator sandals. Do not wear a flip flop at any cost, though!


Ladies, team your outfit with large hats if you are going for a daytime wine event. A sunglass and large hoop earrings will give you a nice casual yet formal look, something that is apt for a wine tasting event. For the evening, you could stick to a pearl necklace and stud earrings for that perfect look.

If it is a daytime event, the men can team their outfit up with a hat. A good pair of sun shades would add to the look. A belt that matches the shoe is an absolute must. If you are wearing a shirt with a pocket, tuck in a fashionable silk handkerchief in the pocket. For the evening, chuck the hat and the shades. The remaining accessories would be enough.

Make up and perfume

Even though alcohol is served at a wine event, you must remember that you are going to a wine event and not to a pub or a lounge! So do not apply too much of makeup. Keep it to a bare minimum. A little bit of eye makeup with some light lipstick should seal the job.

While choosing your perfume, make sure that you do not use one that has an overpowering aroma. This applies to both men and women. Since a wine event has a lot to do with experiencing the aromas of the wine, do not choose a perfume that may overshadow the aroma of the wine. A strong perfume may distract you as well as the other guests at the event from experiencing the true scent of the wine.

Putting it together

From the outfit to the shoes to the accessories, you need to be well coordinated. The main thing is to be comfortable and feel confident in what you wear. Remember that a wine event is a very fashionable affair so you should make a genuine attempt to look nice. Keep the above mentioned tips in mind and you will be able to look chic and super in no time. After all, you’d have wine for company – how could you not look perfect and glorious, just like the drink in front of you!

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