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Amazon starts its own wine label

13 - jul - 17

One of the largest names in the world of online shopping, Amazon, has now ventured into winemaking. The company has launched a new line called Next. The line is exclusively dedicated to wines. While Amazon has been selling wine online in some countries since 2012, this is the very first time that the company is growing and bottling its own wine too.

According to, Amazon has partnered with King Vintners, an Oregon based winery, to make the wine. Initially, Next will produce three varietals - Pinot Gris, Red Blend and Pinot Noir. Each varietal will have 1500 cases.  

The bottles will be priced between $20 and $40 and will be available on


Mood: Kris Jenner alone in a playground with a bottle of wine

Tue Sep 19 22:14:04 2017
Nikki & Brie

Finally!! You can now purchase Belle Radici online at 🍷 a little bit of heaven in a bottle!…

Tue Sep 19 15:23:54 2017
Brandon Woelfel

Just went to a wine & paint night and honestly had way too much fun🎨🥂

Thu Sep 21 01:29:42 2017
Matthew Nugent

Coravin launches new system for screw cap wines

Thu Sep 21 08:37:06 2017
Phil Thompson

Last nights menu for one of our popular wine dinners, great fun to do and enjoyed by all…

Thu Sep 21 08:37:06 2017

Fine wine but her skin Baileys🥃

Thu Sep 21 08:37:05 2017
André Morgenthal

RT @JaxLahoud: 'Intrinsic brand value is key for wine industry to 'pull' wine through retail to consumer...' says #RobGower @WOOLWORTHS_SA…

Thu Sep 21 08:36:56 2017
Jack Art

RT @scummymummies: Yes please.

Thu Sep 21 08:36:53 2017
Peter Morris

@fiftyminus2 Well i you lived in the states, there's a national wine drink day.

Thu Sep 21 08:36:52 2017
Sarah-Jane 🌸

Wine for a tenner 🍾

Thu Sep 21 08:36:51 2017

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