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The International Grapes and Wine Festival – Ninh Thuan 2014

17 - may - 14

The International Grape and Wine Festival 2014 is all set to take place from 17 – 19 July, 2014 under the theme “Wine and grape – Attractive tourism product” in Ninh Thuan Province.

The event will be held by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Ninh Thuan People’s Committee. It intends to promote economic potential of grapes and products which are made from grapes.

On the opening ceremony there will be cars parade, boat racing, street music, exhibition and photography award, art performance and fireworks.

During the entire festival there will also be int’l tourism and trade fair 2014 with more than 100 booths to pioneer domestic and international (France, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Hungary, Rumania and Germany) products made from grapes; cuisine and kite-flying contests; seminar on “Ninh Thuan grapes- Jade in stone” to direct farmers to earn uppermost profit from grapes and to help them to plant grapes with the best methods; performance of planting, harvesting and producing wine and grape products…

The International Grapes and Wine Festival 2014 will also be a great platform for both domestic and international investors to meet and look for business and investment ideas.


Nisa Local

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Sun Nov 19 09:00:03 2017
Lucy Worsley

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Sat Nov 18 09:43:52 2017

I love wine

Sat Nov 18 15:29:58 2017
Ernie Swift

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Sun Nov 19 23:58:27 2017
Patriqué 🍫

RT @hellotjhere: fine wine🍷✨ #BackToBasics

Sun Nov 19 23:58:26 2017
Chris V

@Vinotemp just bought one of your wine fridges from @Costco Such quality. Thanks.

Sun Nov 19 23:58:24 2017

RT @Evemobo: @EdKrassen @seanhannity Even his production assistant is totally unprofessional. She wrote that like it was to ask a gf to gra…

Sun Nov 19 23:58:24 2017

Replacing weed with wine

Sun Nov 19 23:58:22 2017

@breannakentner I like my women like my wine: 14 years old and in the basement

Sun Nov 19 23:58:20 2017
honey girl

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Sun Nov 19 23:58:17 2017

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