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Beer sales drop in the US as youngsters take to wine

01 - aug - 17

Recently, Goldman Sachs downgraded the stocks of a couple of beer companies as there was a noticeable fall in the demand of beer, reports The Drinks Business. The fall in demand is attributed the rise in demand of wine. More and more young people are shifting from beer to wine.

Firms such as Goldman Sachs and Nielsen have forecasted that beer consumption in the country will fall by almost 0.7% in 2017.

The millennials, who are aged between 21 and 38 years, have shown a strong preference towards wine. The group in fact is the largest consumer of wine in America and account for close to 36% of all the wine sales. The Baby Boomers, who are aged between 51 and 69 years, come in second with a wine consumption share of 34%.

The figures clearly show that a vast majority of the Americans now prefer wine over beer. According to reports, the winemakers of California shipped $34.1 million worth of wine in 2016. This was more than 4.6% of what they shipped in 2015.

Bill Mitchell

ICE Director: Suspected Wine Country Arsonist Is Illegal Alien Mexican National - Breitbart

Thu Oct 19 17:52:12 2017
Marcus Stroman

Happy birthday to the legend. Just like that red wine. Becoming more potent and better with age! Love you my brothe…

Thu Oct 19 18:19:15 2017
Breitbart News

Knock me over with a feather.

Thu Oct 19 16:12:04 2017

I used to die off a bottle of wine when I was younger, now it goes perfectly with my shredded wheat

Fri Oct 20 19:55:15 2017
Halid İslam

RT @vicenews: In California wine country, migrants are a critical labor force. Now, some don't know where to get help. VICE News Tonight,…

Fri Oct 20 19:55:12 2017

RT @ClevelandScene: Tickets for the Eighth Annual Winter Wine & Ale Fest go on sale today

Fri Oct 20 19:55:10 2017
Garrett Sathre

@KlayThompson my man! We need it! Come up for a wine tour when y'all get a break. Let me know!

Fri Oct 20 19:55:10 2017
S Ni Bheaglaoich

RT @olivercallan: GERRY Whether it's a screw cap or a knee cap, when Ulster says Vino, you can't beat Big Gerry's €30 wine cellar #CallansK…

Fri Oct 20 19:55:10 2017
Lisa Mundie

RT @TallShipProds: 😳wine? Sorry! I love the SMELL of whisky but I usually have to mix it with something. I’m a gin lady #AskMaril https://t…

Fri Oct 20 19:55:10 2017
yung vans

RT @TweetsByBilal: Cause of death: Red wine

Fri Oct 20 19:55:09 2017

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