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Beer sales drop in the US as youngsters take to wine

01 - aug - 17

Recently, Goldman Sachs downgraded the stocks of a couple of beer companies as there was a noticeable fall in the demand of beer, reports The Drinks Business. The fall in demand is attributed the rise in demand of wine. More and more young people are shifting from beer to wine.

Firms such as Goldman Sachs and Nielsen have forecasted that beer consumption in the country will fall by almost 0.7% in 2017.

The millennials, who are aged between 21 and 38 years, have shown a strong preference towards wine. The group in fact is the largest consumer of wine in America and account for close to 36% of all the wine sales. The Baby Boomers, who are aged between 51 and 69 years, come in second with a wine consumption share of 34%.

The figures clearly show that a vast majority of the Americans now prefer wine over beer. According to reports, the winemakers of California shipped $34.1 million worth of wine in 2016. This was more than 4.6% of what they shipped in 2015.

quinta b.

Wanted to cut down on alcohol so I've replaced wine with tea. it's cool, but I'm not drunk so I'm not sure how this will go

Thu Aug 17 02:38:34 2017
Avenged Sevenfold

Thank you to "The Great One" Wayne Gretzky for the booze and wine to celebrate the end of the tour. We appreciate i…

Thu Aug 17 02:15:20 2017
meechie 🌎✌️

Did Elena say drunk in the jury house ? we had two bottles of wine ...once.... for five of us #bb19

Fri Aug 18 01:54:08 2017
Vita Chan

Congratulations to Fayse for your Wineknot Wine & Iberico Kitchen…

Fri Aug 18 08:34:31 2017
Peterson Oniel's

RT @AnnaNjuguna: I need attention, sex and wine.

Fri Aug 18 08:34:27 2017
The Barefoot Crafter

@HevBoyd I didn't, sadly, but lucky because SOMEONE forgot to bring me home my wine and I needed to go out again

Fri Aug 18 08:34:21 2017
Liam Saddington

@jim_dickinson Non-story? Guest lectures, seminars, events etc. Some of my best conversations with academics have b…

Fri Aug 18 08:34:21 2017
Rei Sakuma

@atsukara this isn't actually wine. it's a caprisun. my mom won't let me drink

Fri Aug 18 08:34:17 2017
James Ball

@meolscop1978 @philipjcowley I sometimes voluntarily pay more than £7 for wine in the supermarket so I think I am pretty much a connoisseur

Fri Aug 18 08:34:17 2017
Tim Bunce

I love cooking with wine. Sometimes I’ll even add it to the food. —W.C. Fields #q

Fri Aug 18 08:34:15 2017

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