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Wine Basics

"Light the candle; pour the red wine into your glass. Before you begin to eat, raise your glass in honour of yourself. The company is the best you'll ever have."

--Daniel Halpern
Author and Essayist

Violent, exquisite, deep red brimming with suppressed passion. Only two things in this world can live up to this description-- the lips of a gorgeous diva and a glass of wine. There has always been an invisible but strong bond between wine and passion. The celebrated grape juice has always been given the supreme importance in every joyous moment of life, every expression of deep feeling and bond. It is this romanticism that makes wine a class apart from other alcoholic drinks. Perhaps the background of wine has much to do with this. The colour and the suppleness of grapes, the vineyards stretched across miles, utmost care that accompanies wine-making—all these seem to add to that romanticism. And this is not a new phenomenon. From the somberness of the sacred Bible, to the intellect of Shakespeare and Keats to the superbly crafted verses of Omar Khayyam, everywhere wine has been worshipped as a divine drink. Because Wine is not just a beverage, it is in true sense the elixir of life!

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