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Wine Festival at Phoenix Market City Bangalore
Wine Festival at Phoenix Market City Bangalore
6th & 7th September, Phoenix Market City Mall, Whitefield, Bangalore

Wine Festival at Phoenix Market City Bangalore

07 - sep - 14

The Wine Festival, organized by the Karnataka Wine Board, was held over the weekend at Phoenix Market City, Whitefield. The event was a huge success and people from all walks of life attended the event with a lot of enthusiasm.

Held at the courtyard of the Phoenix Market City, the event saw top wineries from Karnataka such as Grover Zampa, KRSMA, Heritage and Kinva set up their stalls. The Australian winery Jacob’s Creek also had a stall courtesy Pernod Ricard India. Most of the stalls offered free wine samplings and people were seen hopping from one stall to the other. Interestingly, while sampling, the guests were also told about each wine and thus the wine education sessions were being carried out in a friendly and subtle manner.

The wineries also had their wines on sale at discounted rates and this made the shopping experience exciting for the visitors of the wine fest. However, the wineries expressed some disappointment at the sale figures as they expected to sell more wine, compared to what they did at the fest.

There were many food stalls as well and the restaurants of the mall, including Noodle Bar, Café Noir and Copper Chimney participated by offering special menus that paired with the wines that were being served.

The event was strategically organized over a weekend when the mall sees a high footfall. While many of the visitors at the fest came specifically to attend it, others were the mall visitors who were pleasantly surprised to find a wine event going on. Nonetheless, everyone enjoyed equally. 

As the evening progressed, the visitors were also treated to some very exciting and interesting events such as a grape stomping, which was received with a lot of enthusiasm and people queued up in great numbers to have a go at it. Apart from this, live bands played throughout the day, on both days and the crowd was seeing swaying to the music, their wine glasses in hand.

The Karnataka Wine Board and Phoenix Market City pulled off a fun-filled event and the people of Bangalore who attended seemed to love every bit of the Wine Festival. The only drawback was the poor sale of the wines, but apart from it, the event was a success.

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