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With summer booting up in India and some other parts of the world, everyone has begun to think of the good times they can have with their friends over a glass of chilled wine, be it with food or wholly and solely with the drink itself. And what better way than a fine glass of wine over some good conversation? And if the wine can act as a catalyst to the warm summer afternoon and evenings then why not try the best aromatic, light mood-lifter—rosé.

To begin with the inviting color of rosé can complement a summer brunch party or a high tea set in the backdrop of a pool or a lawn. It can also gel well with an evening backyard grill party or a small outing with friends or corporate colleagues. One can savor rosé in any company; so long as you enjoy the freshness of its aromatic splendors and the soothing mouth-feel of this low alcohol wine. The bouquet of aromas the bottle of rosé unleashes from the moment it is uncorked takes you to the gentle wilderness of southern France. There are fresh fruity notes of strawberry, raspberry, cherry and plum, which you are likely to pick up right away, in a bottle from southern France, which is simply invigorating. 

The making of rosé

Mostly people carry the notion that rosé wines are made by mixing red and white wines.  Yes, some regular labels and some 

wine makers may indulge in this shortcut process, but that is not the case always. Rosé wines produced in this method are known as blushes. However a true rosé would only be made from a chosen red grape varietal.  We all know that the color of red wines come from the skin of the red grapes. Hence, by carefully shortening the colour extraction period (usually 10-18 hours) the winemaker can obtain the desired hue. Also to retain the freshness of the fruity flavours, like in the case of white wines, there in no secondary fermentation process - the Malolactic fermentation method is adopted while making rosé wines.

The most common grape varietals for rosé wines are Zinfandel, Grenache, Sangiovese, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Carignan, Merlot, Malbec and Pinot Noir, though different regions use different varietals depending upon what features the winemakers want in their favorite bottle of rosé.  In India, the two common grape varietals chosen for rosé wines are Syrah and Zinfandel.

So the longer the skins are in contact with the juice the stronger the color of the wine. The colours can range from ruby, copper, salmon, amber, blood orange, sunset orange and grapefruit pink to fuchsia, sepia, saffron and pale rust.

The right Rosés

While buying rosé one must always remember to go for the dry or bone-dry ones, as with the sweeter rosés, there is a chance it will lose its aromas and the fragile taste of wilderness.

Also, when it comes to rosé the age-old belief of “the older the wine, the better it is” is defied: The best rosés can be enjoyed only when they are young and fresh, so always look for a younger vintage.

And lastly, the key is the aroma bouquet. Choose the one which is high on the aromatic scale.

Famous Rosé regions

When one utters the word wine, France automatically comes to mind.  The rosés from the Loire Valley, Provence and the southern Rhone Valley of France are among the best. The other famous regions apart from France are the Marlborough region of New Zealand, Tuscany in Italy and the Baden region and Rems Valley in the Württemberg region of Germany. Styria in Austria, the eastern regions of Switzerland, Yecla, Txakoli, Cigales, Tierra de Leon and Ribera del Deuro in Spain, the Breede River Valley, Paarl and Constantia in South Africa are also some of the notable Rosé wine provinces around the world.

Matching Rosé and food

The low amount of tannins and the aromatic freshness, much like the white wines, make rosé wine an ideal pair with lighter food. As rosés are considered to carry properties in between the reds and whites, they offer a versatility of pairings.

These less structured, smooth, crisp and less acidic wines go really well with the different versions of pastas and pizzas, especially the tomato based ones.

Also, as it is light bodied and frivolously flowery

 and fruity in both taste and aroma, it matches well with fish dishes as baked fish, fish soup and steamed fish. One can even season the fish with spices and have it with Rosé. Apart from fish, one can even try the wine along with white meat and cold cuts. The delicate aromas also help the wine to pair well with cheese especially parmigiana and mushroom-based dishes.

Serving Rosé wine

Rosé wines are best served chilled and the serving temperature should range between 5 to 10° C. As for storage, just like the white wines, keep them at 11° C.

So next time you are planning your summer afternoon or evening parties, sink into a suitable theme of rosé. Your guests would be enchanted for sure. Santé!


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Mon May 29 07:00:49 2017
Elnathan John

In Nigeria, the British don't need to do too much work spying. We will convene at the ambassadors house to volunteer information over wine.

Sun May 28 18:14:59 2017
Amanda M-W

Yes, finally a swimsuit that allows me to sneak a ham poolside.

Mon May 29 21:33:41 2017
Serena Rydzik 🍷

I need someone in my life that drinks as much red wine as I do

Tue May 30 01:44:40 2017

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Tue May 30 01:44:40 2017
John Edwards

RT @spinnerjc: @TrueFactsStated Everyone in America should be sending wine and flowers to Angela!

Tue May 30 01:44:39 2017
Bri Marie ♡

Wine really a gateway drug. Liquor stores are close so I'm bout to settle for rum and pretend it's Moscato...😭

Tue May 30 01:44:37 2017

Wine 🍷

Tue May 30 01:44:36 2017
Burial Eco Gym

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Tue May 30 01:44:33 2017
Kelci Malloy

Is it acceptable to eat 6 Babybel cheese in one sitting with wine and crackers? Bc I just did 🤷🏼‍♀️🍷🧀 #roughday

Tue May 30 01:44:33 2017

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