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Instructions to Prepare a Really Convincing Exposition for Your College Application

12 - apr - 18



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Clay Travis

“It’s insulting to say I spent $30,000 a month on wine,” says Johnny Depp, “Because it was far more.” This Depp Rol…

Sat Jun 23 01:39:46 2018
Greyson Chance

yeah ... this whole bottle of wine was for myself. but when in israel, you know?

Sat Jun 23 21:29:24 2018
Most Requested Live

The THIRD Most Requested Song of the Hour was @Pharrell & @Camila_Cabello 💃🍷 'Sangria Wine' on #MostRequestedLive…

Sun Jun 24 02:00:40 2018
stay dead

RT @_everybird_: BIRD #6,988 Black Flower-piercer (Diglossa humeralis)

Sun Jun 24 16:42:58 2018
Corkscrew Concierge

RT @winegal57: Enjoyed @DeLoachVineyard 2014 OFS (our finest selection)Pinot Noir aromas of red fruit and star anise. On the palate dark ch…

Sun Jun 24 16:42:58 2018
Paul Geren

RT @ArmeniaPic: Situated just below Mount Aragats in the northernmost extreme of the Ararat plain is the Voskevaz Winery/Castle. Its name,…

Sun Jun 24 16:42:56 2018
Ms. Loyal

RT @TMZ: Depp talks about depression and dropping over $30k a month on wine in VERY candid interview (via @toofab)

Sun Jun 24 16:42:55 2018
lil mama

dude brook brought a bottle of wine to the bar and asked the bartender to open it, a true hero😭

Sun Jun 24 16:42:54 2018
si si

@pulido_hailey You should’ve just come over 🙄 wine drinks a whol different level of drunk😂

Sun Jun 24 16:42:53 2018
Corkscrew Concierge

@winegal57 @DeLoachVineyard @CaraMiaSG @TheWiningHour @KitchenSprout @alawine @WineOnTheDime @damewine @GrnLakeGirl…

Sun Jun 24 16:42:53 2018

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