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Bring in the New Harvest: First Taste of 2014

23 - mar - 14

7 - 10 PM, March 26, 2014

Sula Vineyards, Nashik

Sula Vineyards is organizing a wine and dine event on March 26, between 7 and 10 pm. The event, ‘Bring in the New Harvest: First Taste of 2014’, will be conducted by Mr. Rajeev Samant, the CEO of Sula Wines and Mr. Kerry Damskey, Sula’s master winemaker.

Apart from wine tasting, the event will also provide an opportunity for the guests to learn more about the wines and the winemaking processes from the experts at Sula. The tasting will be followed by a grand dinner.

The tickets are priced at Rs. 1300 per head and Rs. 2000 for a couple. The tickets are available at the Tasting Room in the Sula Vinyerads, Nashik.

For more information, please call +91 253 302 7777.


All I need is a glass of wine and More Life

Wed Mar 22 21:20:10 2017

Follow & RT @CafeRougeTweet to #Win 3 COURSE MEAL AND A BOTTLE OF HOUSE WINE! T&Cs…

Wed Mar 22 14:14:21 2017
National Geographic

Did you know wine ages differently underwater?

Thu Mar 23 22:00:17 2017
Sakky 722 AB Dealers

Option 1: drink wine and say "FUCK" a lot until I feel better Option 2: drink wine and listen to angry music until I feel better

Fri Mar 24 00:13:43 2017
Abi Sirigu

RT @MrSioye: Ideally I shouldn't work tomorrow.... or maybe half day. Shut down my noon ... a bottle of red wine , watching afmag..

Fri Mar 24 00:13:42 2017
Liv Sexy to the NJ ♌

RT @colleenhagerty: A full bottle of wine just rolled out from under a subway seat and now these 2 strangers popped it open & are drinking…

Fri Mar 24 00:13:41 2017

About to grab my wine and dinner 😬

Fri Mar 24 00:13:41 2017
BobbyPhoenix TheMyth

it's the fuckin Catalina wine mixer

Fri Mar 24 00:13:37 2017
Kay ❤️

Spaghetti & Red Wine 😋😋 A great ending to a great day.

Fri Mar 24 00:13:36 2017

RT @UpNAtom77: @BrunoMars No sir, thank YOU for being wine, sirachia, and tacos all rolled into one..a level of awesomesauce that can't be…

Fri Mar 24 00:13:34 2017

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