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Book Review: Wines of California
Book Review: Wines of California
By Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jensen

Wines of California: The Comprehensive Guide

24 - sep - 14

California, as a wine country has always been celebrated. The vineyards and the wines produced here have epitomized the new-world wines all over the world.

With the new book on wine on the shelves now the wine enthusiasts surely have a reason to celebrate. Thanks to the authors of Wines of California: The Comprehensive Guide, who have deeply and cosmicly covered each and every winery, vineyards with detailed tasting notes in this book.

To begin with, Authors Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jensen have mentioned the numerous grape varietals California is known for and the various wine growing regions, appelations and the wineries. They have talked about the renowned wineries and their signature wines and the not-so-renowned yet worth –a-look wineries and their effort towards bringing out the best. Apart from rolling out the wineries, they have lucidly mentioned the iconoclasts and the top chefs with various Californian food and wine to match with it.

The second half of the book has a detailed conversation with the esteemed personalities from the Californian wine world like the celebrated Bo Barret, Barbara Banke, Emilio Estevez to name a few.

The third part talks about the diverse local bites from the land. The duo got in touch with various chefs for the recipes and winemakers for the wine pairing with the dishes, which provides a comprehensive record in itself.

On the whole, the book has been aptly named as a comprehensive guide towards the Californian wines. Once we go through it, we understand that an extensive travel and thorough research led to this beautifully written book. All in all, the readers would surely get an insight in to the world of wines from California and that help them get an idea and knowledge about the same.


Review by Swati Sahoo


All I need is a glass of wine and More Life

Wed Mar 22 21:20:10 2017

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Wed Mar 22 14:14:21 2017
National Geographic

Did you know wine ages differently underwater?

Thu Mar 23 22:00:17 2017
full glass of wine

broads in Atlanta? i've got nothing in Atlanta. mb a wine bottle or two stashed underground near a tree BUT anyway

Fri Mar 24 00:12:22 2017
julien sous chef

RT @saracoolpants: I love abusing the boxed wine at art shows

Fri Mar 24 00:12:21 2017
Stephanie Jansen

Modelling requires a lot of waiting. Le sigh. Oh look, there's wine!!

Fri Mar 24 00:12:20 2017
Fat Mike

Gallo buys iconic Stagecoach Vineyard in Napa via /r/wine

Fri Mar 24 00:12:19 2017
René Jackson

Debating if I should go get my wine now or tomorrow...

Fri Mar 24 00:12:19 2017
Karma's Son

Cheat day! Had my shake shack now Brew or wine tonight?

Fri Mar 24 00:12:19 2017
Fat Mike

Delicious 2011 vintage Sangiovese via /r/wine

Fri Mar 24 00:12:18 2017

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