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High Alcohol Level Destroying Wine Character, Say Experts

04 - apr - 11

Merlot's alcohol levels have become so high in Bordeaux that it might put the regional character of Merlot at stake, said top oenologists.

According to a report, in both the 2010 and 2009 vintages it was common to see Merlots surpass 15% alcohol, a situation Didier Cuvelier, owner of Chateau Leoville Poyferre in St Julien, finds ‘disturbing’.

In the Medoc, one of the reasons for planting Merlot had been because it ripened better than Cabernet Sauvignon, Cuvelier said. “But more recently, the Merlot has got so high in alcohol that we run the risk of losing the Bordeaux style,” he said.

While all varieties have seen higher alcohol levels, Merlot’s susceptibility to ripen quickly and attain the highest alcohol levels makes it more of a challenge, said consultant Denis Dubourdieu.

A string of very good vintages since 2000 have meant there “has been no need to chaptalise, so sugars are naturally there and that is a good thing.”

But he noted the tendency for properties on the Right Bank to strive for greater concentration of sugars in the grapes by techniques such as leaf removal, which results in small and concentrated grapes.

Later picking – sometimes even after the Sauternes harvest in October – was becoming more common, Dubourdieu, who also owns the Barsac estate Chateau Doisy Daene, said.

“There is a race towards concentration, to please many critics,’ he said. ‘I have been a consultant for 30 years; I have spent the first 20 years telling people not to harvest too early; in the last 10 years I have told them not to harvest too late.”

Jean Claude Berrouet, formerly at Petrus and now winemaking director for various estates in Pomerol, said in his 40-year career he has seen alcohol rise between 2 and 2.5 degrees.

He argues that yeasts that produce less alcohol may be a solution, but he cautioned against the use of slower-ripening grape clones, because fewer clones would limit the potential variety of grapes in a vineyard.

Mindy Kaling

Save water, drink wine. Save plastic, eat from wrapper. #EarthDay

Sun Apr 22 19:06:35 2018
christine teigen

red wine braised short ribs

Mon Apr 23 02:58:06 2018

Episode 403 of #MBMBaM is all about Hot Dog Wine, and … aw, dangit, we did two hot dog-based episodes in a row, ple…

Mon Apr 23 18:53:45 2018

Food, wine tasting and go karts . Then maybe I’ll give it up.

Tue Apr 24 13:02:29 2018
Back Lot Bash 🏳️‍🌈

Mix, Mingle and Dance at Whiskey, Wine & Women - A Tasting Party for ALL on June 22nd at Reza's Restaurant in Ander…

Tue Apr 24 13:02:28 2018
Creative Wine Making

Now Stocking California Connoisseur 6 Bottle Wine Kits Only £11.99 @creative_making

Tue Apr 24 13:02:28 2018
Christy B

@xPrincessxNicky Hahaha, I always kind of forget Twitter exists until I think of something funny. Usually I think "…

Tue Apr 24 13:02:28 2018
Sonja Jones

Wine comes from grapes. Grapes are fruit. Fruit = breakfast. I see no problem with this.

Tue Apr 24 13:02:27 2018
Art News in NJ

RT @OCVTS: 2018 Cuisine on the Green Wine Festival June 2nd & 3rd. Featuring 7 NJ Wineries, live music, food vendors, crafts tents.. in ass…

Tue Apr 24 13:02:26 2018

RT @machinegunkarIa: blessing all the sangria wine stans with this high quality video wow

Tue Apr 24 13:02:25 2018

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