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Wine Industry Recovering from Recession Blue

29 - dec - 10

Wine Industry Recovering from Recession Blue

The threat of recession cloud seems to have been finally blown away from the sky of wine industry. Wine sales across the world showing upward movements precisely prove that the industry is going through a recovery phase.

“I think that we probably had a record December, the shop has been here for 20 years, so that's saying something, and I think we're looking at a record year," said Dan Fitzgerald, the manager of Austin Wine Merchants.

"They're buying wine, not just for special occasions, but also for week in, week out consumption. And that's a good sign for us as a business. People are not buying on price or big name, they're looking for the underlying value,” said Fitzgerald.

Madelyn Naber of Flat Creek Estate says that quest for value has brought more folks to her Hill Country Winery.

"We've seen continuous growth over the 10 years we've been building a business here," she said.

Her sales didn't dip during the recession, but they are growing with the wine recovery. She said the winery added about 1000 cases in the last year. That puts its total sales at about 100,000 bottles of wine.

"Times are good for us either way. We always have wine at the end of the day," Naber laughed.

"At the end of the day when you look at the numbers and say hey we're doing well, of course you're always pleased, " said Fitzgerald.

Clay Travis

“It’s insulting to say I spent $30,000 a month on wine,” says Johnny Depp, “Because it was far more.” This Depp Rol…

Sat Jun 23 01:39:46 2018
Greyson Chance

yeah ... this whole bottle of wine was for myself. but when in israel, you know?

Sat Jun 23 21:29:24 2018
Most Requested Live

The THIRD Most Requested Song of the Hour was @Pharrell & @Camila_Cabello 💃🍷 'Sangria Wine' on #MostRequestedLive…

Sun Jun 24 02:00:40 2018

@PAFaire are there any discounts for buying multiple bottles of wine?

Sun Jun 24 16:38:05 2018
Ricardo P

@AmericanTop40 Sangria Wine by Camila Cabello and Pharrell Williams

Sun Jun 24 16:38:04 2018

RT @ItsJustDimples: Sometimes you just have to drink wine out of a tea cup 😆

Sun Jun 24 16:38:03 2018
Musa Hakam

@patituteto Look not thou upon the wine when it is red, when it giveth his colour in the cup, when it moveth itself…

Sun Jun 24 16:38:03 2018
OHO Podcast

At least my imaginary friend hooked us all up with wine...

Sun Jun 24 16:38:03 2018

RT @HaileyDenny: My mom and her bff Jen have been best gals since 5th grade. Today my moms bf broke up w her. I just came home to my mom an…

Sun Jun 24 16:38:02 2018

RT @chynnajo: You’re still a good mom even if... you get overwhelmed regularly, cuss a little or a lot, drink wine often because of how tou…

Sun Jun 24 16:38:00 2018

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