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Rare Bordeaux Discovered at Florida Restaurant

25 - dec - 10

A 1947 vintage of Chateau Latour has been discovered at Bern’s Steakhouse, a restaurant in Florida that possesses the largest wine collection in the world with nearly 500,000 bottles.

According to AP, senior sommelier Eric Renaud chanced upon the gem bottle while searching the huge wine cellar at the restaurant. “I saw this bottle on its side, tucked the wrong way with a few bottles in front of it. So I moved the bottles out of the way, I rolled the bottle over and I looked at it and I thought, ‘Oh my God’,” said Renaud.

“I don’t think there’s anyone in this business who wouldn’t get excited about a wine like this,” he said.

The rare Bordeaux will be included on Bern’s new wine list when it’s released next month. The asking price is a whopping $30,000, a record price for the restaurant.

Renaud, however, calls it a fair price considering the bottle could probably be sold at a far greater price at auction. He believes the bottle was likely bought in the 1960s by the restaurant’s founder, Bern Laxer,

There is, however, a guarantee the wine will be in excellent condition.

“If the wine is bad, there’s no charge,” Renaud said.

Cleveland Cavaliers

We're coming home up 2-0, #CavsNation. Wine & Gold win Game 2, 94-82. GAME HUB: #ALLinCLE

Sat May 23 02:55:23 2015

Humans share 18% of their genes with baker's yeast, 24% of their genes with wine grapes, and 38% with roundworms.

Fri May 22 19:47:08 2015
Jason Sobel

Miguel Angel Jimenez makes ANOTHER hole-in-one. All of the wine, all of the beer, all of the cars. Give 'em to him. There's nothing left.

Sat May 23 12:27:36 2015
Jenni Cacy

Home from work at 3:00 am....gotta be back at noon'ish for a double ....enjoying a glass of wine and trying to...

Sun May 24 09:00:30 2015

@CatrionaR holy fuck. We should so do this. I'd need a few pints of wine first tho. Lol

Sun May 24 09:00:27 2015
Rob Edwin

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Sun May 24 09:00:26 2015

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Sun May 24 09:00:26 2015

@ella_billig go and drink champagne out of your gold wine glasses you fucking rich whore...(you are my queen love me❤️)

Sun May 24 09:00:20 2015
Daily Deals

#Wowcher: £39.99 (from San Jamón) for a 12 bottle selection of Prosecco and #dailydeal

Sun May 24 09:00:18 2015

Top New York restaurateur Jacques Capsouto fulfills his dream of making wine in Israel

Sun May 24 09:00:12 2015

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