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Kiwis Prefer to Share Wine with the PM

20 - dec - 10

Kiwis Prefer to Share Wine with the PM

The New Zealand Prime Minister is giving the celebrities of the silver screen and rugby stars a run for their money. A new survey showed that most Kiwis would like to spend the New Year’s Eve with John Key.

According to Mud House Wine Survey, an independent study, almost one in three (32%) Kiwis selected the Prime Minister as their preferred choice to share a glass of wine and a chat with. All Blacks coach Graham Henry was the next popular choice with 13% of the male vote.

Females were divided between the Prime Minister and actor Robyn Malcolm as the person they would most like to share good wine and good conversation with, while TV star Jacquie Brown was the next popular choice with 11% of the vote.

Voters were also asked who they would prefer out of New Zealand's current MPs as Prime Minister, which was no contest for Key.

Key took 56%, up 4% since September. Phil Goff was on 7%, down one, and Winston Peters was the choice of 3% of the people.


After I received a red card in my first World Cup Match on my 21st birthday - I was extremely fortunate to get a co…

Mon Jun 18 22:24:19 2018

Raheem Sterling tonight is further proof that Pep Guardiola can literally turn water into wine.

Mon Jun 18 19:24:35 2018
Daily Mail Online

Kim Jong Un and Xi Jinping raise a glass of red wine as they meet in Beijing to discuss 'peace' and denuclearization

Wed Jun 20 07:29:05 2018

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Wed Jun 20 11:36:02 2018

Can someone tell me if we're getting a MV for Sangria Wine 'cause t bop deserves promo.

Wed Jun 20 11:35:59 2018

RT @MailOnline: Kim Jong Un and Xi Jinping raise a glass of red wine as they meet in Beijing to discuss 'peace' and denuclearization https:…

Wed Jun 20 11:35:48 2018
سعود بن عبدالعزيز

RT @WiningHourChat: #TuesdayThoughts Have you ever tried Lambrusco #wine? Join us tonight at 9 PM for #WiningHourChat to learn more and s…

Wed Jun 20 11:35:47 2018
Est Winetours

Ribeira Sacra is a little known wine region in Galicia, NW Spain #mencia #spanishwine…

Wed Jun 20 11:35:41 2018
Maria Jose Laguarda

RT @LauraCatena: An honor to be invited to speak at @mustfermentingideas in Cascais, Portugal about #highaltitude and the difference it mak…

Wed Jun 20 11:35:40 2018
Kassi Price

RT @SOMM_FILM: Great interview with #somm star @dustinwilsonms. He is one of the main characters in our next film as well. Very proud of…

Wed Jun 20 11:35:39 2018

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"Oh gosh, I don't know Sir, how about a jobs summit that acatully did something like, oh I don't know - create some fucking jobs, that would be an ideal. "A jobs summit is an ideal alternative to paid employment?Wow. I think you'll find most unemployed people lack the means to get heavily involved in political grandstanding such as "job summits" and even if they did, there is little direct financial return. Im keen on a government that looks at turning on the dusty old jobs generating machine that sits covered in cobwebs in the basement of the beehive. All it needs is a new incentive sprocket, they're quite expensive I hear, perhaps we could borrow the money? [url=]ynxgktprobo[/url] [link=]xuktmr[/link]
Dave, hat tip to you, it's Australia who has 14 public hidylaos, I was mixing them up from last nights news story, and we have 4 weeks holiday not 3 weeks.The point with the 90 day rule was that curious gos was suggesting the UK has it so why shouldn't we, I was commenting they have fewer public hidylaos than us as well so perhaps we should follow that example as well - the point being just because the UK has lax worker rights by allowing a 90 day right to sack it doesn't mean we should follow. But it's not what curious thinks anyway, it's the 10% unemployed who are having to try and work in the right to sack environment that National and ACT have created feel. What does Mr Bradbury suggest as an alternative to paid employment?Oh gosh, I don't know Sir, how about a jobs summit that actually did something like, oh I don't know - create some fucking jobs, that would be an ideal. Cutting deals with Ronald to supply cheap labour to push more junk food isn't a solution sir. Who is so pompus to call themsels sir anyway? Got daddy issues sir?
Some very good comments here so far.Working on the aimtspuson that YC is a idea, some thoughts on why NZ should be looking at such a thing:1. As a previous commentator pointed out, why bother with other universities, if you are bright enough you'll get into Harvard, otherwise don't bother. Wanna be an All Black, you either play for your school 1st XV get selected straight into the AB's or you go home, lets not worry about training camps, coaching clinics etc. What is wrong with giving people some training in how to start and succeed in the tech industry or at least how to fail quickly and get onto something else.2. NZ does have unique differences to being based in California. Would Trade Me have been supported by Y Combinator? An auction site focussed on a NZ only market? They might have seen the great team and backed it, they might have helped it go global, but I fancy chances are they would have forced a pivot, which I can see from your Twitter feed you think is a bit of a joke. So whilst I have a preference for companies going global there are ideas that are very NZ focussed , that are not going to be attractive to people overseas. Do US people understand AgriTech etc in the same ways?3. There are a number of reasons people may not want / be able to go to Y Combinator. Criminal record would make it difficult to get into the US. Maybe someone has a mortgage, debts etc and still needs to work while proving their idea. Maybe someone has a wife / husband and three kids. Saying you are only worthy of being in business if you are willing to drop everything in your life, move to the US for three months, which is really going to turn in a year / forever is a bit of a tough call. And then NZ has lost them. Where are they going to start their next venture and the one after that probably not back here.4. Budding entrepreneurs are asking for this. People want help, guidance, mentorship, education and money. The thing that appears to be lacking is the people who have had the good exits being willing to put themselves in the position to help. I'd like to see more successful NZers trying to help other NZers, en masse, not just via a couple of key investments. I see Dave Moskovitz is about to do something in Wellington, funny that an American sees the opportunities and wants to help, but Kiwis do not.I am sure the really good entrepreneurs will make it no matter what. Plenty of billionaires left school at 15. I'm sure several All Blacks didn't start playing until they were 18 etc etc. Drive and ambition will get you a long way.They're the ones we read about and admire (or in NZ knock down as part of our tall poppy syndrome).But I know plenty of millionaires that actually led quite normal lives, they weren't rich at 21, they weren't at 40, but they started to slowly build things and at 50 or 55 are / were very successful. They worked hard, very hard, but they didn't have to work 16 hours a day every single day of their life. They didn't have to give up their families to be successful. They never put every last penny on the line to be successful. They managed to maintain a relatively normal life. They may never had the massive exits, or companies that employed 1000 s of staff, but they often did build companies that employed, 10, 20 or 50 people. They paid NZers good salaries, they paid tax to the Government.It has to be easier to create twenty 50 million dollar companies than it is to create one 1 billion dollar one.So I believe a YC clone tailored to the NZ market is something we should all be striving to achieve.
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