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ProMendoza to Open Dedicated Asian Office

17 - dec - 10

ProMendoza, the export and investment promotion agency of Mendoza, Argentina’s premier wine region will open a dedicated Asian office by March, 2011 at Shanghai’s exhibition centre.

According to a report, staff will be assisted by Mendoza-based wine and food connoisseur Ichiro Takahashi of Japan’s International Cooperation Agency.

Maria Florencia Rebudero, the wine director of Fundación ProMendoza, said “space will be sub-leased by Mendoza wineries to display their products.”

Though the centre will officially promote all products and services for the region, the focus will obviously remain upon wine and it will assist small and medium-sized wineries.

Connie Britton

#tbt to that time when Tami Taylor drank a lil wine. #cleareyesfullheartscantlose

Thu Mar 05 21:48:21 2015
What The F*** Facts

In Japan, you can buy "wine" for your cat.

Wed Mar 04 20:16:02 2015
Tyra Banks

Some1 just said if u drink red wine everyday U'LL b more beautiful. Naturally blushed cheeks & relaxed facial expression. What???!

Thu Mar 05 05:00:35 2015
Rimjhim Dubey

@shiwangeec same here! ice wine cake was so good

Fri Mar 06 12:30:49 2015
Wine Blogs

Review: Nipozzano Vecchie Viti Chianti: With a winemaking history stretching back more than... #wine in the #news

Fri Mar 06 12:30:48 2015
ria melati saragi  ♚

women in white⚪️ @ Union Wine Bar , Plaza Senanyan

Fri Mar 06 12:30:46 2015
Prosecco Superiore

RT @JustPerfectWine: Superior glass,superior wine #Riedel #Prosecco Superiore @riedelUK @glassofbubbly @ProseccoCV h…

Fri Mar 06 12:30:46 2015
Fairmont The Norfolk

Happy Friday! Come and unwind at The Cin Cin Wine Bar, as you delight in the impressive wine selection and...

Fri Mar 06 12:30:42 2015

I’m excited about my plan for the end of the year! #lbloggers #fdbloggers #travel #fbloggers #bbloggers #life #goals

Fri Mar 06 12:30:38 2015

RT @ilLambrusco: #Lambrusco Jelly, Cheese and Crackers. #whatelse @gettyimages…

Fri Mar 06 12:30:35 2015

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