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ProMendoza to Open Dedicated Asian Office

17 - dec - 10

ProMendoza, the export and investment promotion agency of Mendoza, Argentina’s premier wine region will open a dedicated Asian office by March, 2011 at Shanghai’s exhibition centre.

According to a report, staff will be assisted by Mendoza-based wine and food connoisseur Ichiro Takahashi of Japan’s International Cooperation Agency.

Maria Florencia Rebudero, the wine director of Fundación ProMendoza, said “space will be sub-leased by Mendoza wineries to display their products.”

Though the centre will officially promote all products and services for the region, the focus will obviously remain upon wine and it will assist small and medium-sized wineries.


#MegaMonday Giveaway! To #WIN a mixed case of @JacobsCreek Pinot & Shiraz in the Londis Big Wine Giveaway, simply…

Mon May 29 07:00:49 2017
Elnathan John

In Nigeria, the British don't need to do too much work spying. We will convene at the ambassadors house to volunteer information over wine.

Sun May 28 18:14:59 2017
Amanda M-W

Yes, finally a swimsuit that allows me to sneak a ham poolside.

Mon May 29 21:33:41 2017
Cindy Herrera

RT @spinnerjc: @TrueFactsStated Everyone in America should be sending wine and flowers to Angela!

Tue May 30 01:45:07 2017
Ron Feir

How to complain about your wine at a restaurant via @TravelLeisure #realtor

Tue May 30 01:45:07 2017
Jon Erik 🔥💜

@alexdecampi praise be to cheap white wine

Tue May 30 01:45:07 2017
Shelann Sleegers

@SandraOldfield hubby and I will be driving right thru Yakima valley wine country - any recommendations on must visit wineries?

Tue May 30 01:45:07 2017
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Tue May 30 01:45:06 2017
Today's Parent

Don’t drink any wine for 40 days or 40 nights + more ways to punish yourself for being the worst mom ever —>…

Tue May 30 01:45:06 2017
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Everything Worth Eating At This Year’s Good Food & Wine Show

Tue May 30 01:45:04 2017

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