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ProMendoza to Open Dedicated Asian Office

17 - dec - 10

ProMendoza, the export and investment promotion agency of Mendoza, Argentina’s premier wine region will open a dedicated Asian office by March, 2011 at Shanghai’s exhibition centre.

According to a report, staff will be assisted by Mendoza-based wine and food connoisseur Ichiro Takahashi of Japan’s International Cooperation Agency.

Maria Florencia Rebudero, the wine director of Fundación ProMendoza, said “space will be sub-leased by Mendoza wineries to display their products.”

Though the centre will officially promote all products and services for the region, the focus will obviously remain upon wine and it will assist small and medium-sized wineries.


In order to break into the top 10% of American drinkers, you would need to drink more than two bottles of wine with every dinner.

Fri Aug 28 06:02:05 2015
Reuters Top News

“Grexit,” “brainfart,” “hangry” and, yes, “wine o’clock” among new entries on

Thu Aug 27 19:39:32 2015
Jim Beglin

If you're into vodka and wine #UEL Group B is shaping nicely for #LFC fans!

Fri Aug 28 11:42:15 2015
Chi Chi Cards UK

RT @RewardingWomen: You're forgiven....if you come bearing wine ;) #GirlsWhoCanHour

Fri Aug 28 19:07:39 2015

We're watching Monsters Inc and drinking wine. Probably my favourite Friday evening.

Fri Aug 28 19:07:38 2015

Hello I am wine

Fri Aug 28 19:07:35 2015
West End Singers

RT @NatHNoLimits: We are very excited to announce another fab #fundraising event for @nolimitshelp - Wine Tasting @TheCorkCheese 22/10 7-9p…

Fri Aug 28 19:07:34 2015

RT @LoveNLunchmeat: If you listen real closely to my kids arguing, you'll hear the sound of me pouring a glass of wine.

Fri Aug 28 19:07:34 2015
Georgie Allen

@s4ndip I hid it well... I've been living off wine 😏

Fri Aug 28 19:07:32 2015

RT @LoveNLunchmeat: Do women who fight over boys not know about throwing them over a cliff & then splitting a bottle of wine?

Fri Aug 28 19:07:32 2015

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