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ProMendoza to Open Dedicated Asian Office

17 - dec - 10

ProMendoza, the export and investment promotion agency of Mendoza, Argentina’s premier wine region will open a dedicated Asian office by March, 2011 at Shanghai’s exhibition centre.

According to a report, staff will be assisted by Mendoza-based wine and food connoisseur Ichiro Takahashi of Japan’s International Cooperation Agency.

Maria Florencia Rebudero, the wine director of Fundación ProMendoza, said “space will be sub-leased by Mendoza wineries to display their products.”

Though the centre will officially promote all products and services for the region, the focus will obviously remain upon wine and it will assist small and medium-sized wineries.

Lady Gaga

Boxing, food shopping, now arranging flowers for my fiance with a bottle of wine ready for after…

Wed Mar 25 23:09:36 2015
Rian Dawson

Doing a wine tasting at @Vinoteque tonight. Here we go! #sbcwines

Fri Mar 27 00:54:26 2015
Sophia Bush

"Lovely white Zinfandel from that box of wine!" HA! Suddenly I kind of like Sosa #ChicagoPDIsBack

Thu Mar 26 02:34:34 2015

🙆🙆🙆🙆 all I see on you tube are Bobi wine and some Moslem guy fights , #BAGANDA

Fri Mar 27 10:13:03 2015
Lady Gaga † Emmy

RT @ladygaga: Boxing, food shopping, now arranging flowers for my fiance with a bottle of wine ready for after…

Fri Mar 27 10:13:03 2015

RT @DaftLimmy: Fine wine. 1/3

Fri Mar 27 10:13:01 2015
The Harp Bar Swords

Don't forget our Fantastic Friday offers. Half price on large bottles of wine and 2 for 1 on selected cocktails...

Fri Mar 27 10:13:01 2015

RT @TopherR: Starting the wine training at the fabulous @HolmHouseHotel with @enotraining Lucy. Great wines, sunshine and fun. @enotriauk

Fri Mar 27 10:12:57 2015

RT @DaftLimmy: Fine wine. 2/3

Fri Mar 27 10:12:56 2015
out of this world pr

Wine For Dummies (For Dummies (Lifestyles Paperback)), Ewing-Mulligan, Mary, McC

Fri Mar 27 10:12:55 2015

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