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ProMendoza to Open Dedicated Asian Office

17 - dec - 10

ProMendoza, the export and investment promotion agency of Mendoza, Argentina’s premier wine region will open a dedicated Asian office by March, 2011 at Shanghai’s exhibition centre.

According to a report, staff will be assisted by Mendoza-based wine and food connoisseur Ichiro Takahashi of Japan’s International Cooperation Agency.

Maria Florencia Rebudero, the wine director of Fundación ProMendoza, said “space will be sub-leased by Mendoza wineries to display their products.”

Though the centre will officially promote all products and services for the region, the focus will obviously remain upon wine and it will assist small and medium-sized wineries.

The Onion

Study Finds Link Between Red Wine, Letting Mother Know What You Really Think

Tue Dec 06 03:06:04 2016
National Geographic

From the coast of Sri Lanka to Austria's wine fields, see photos of the world's greatest landscapes

Tue Dec 06 15:28:59 2016

On December 5th, 1933, the 21st Amendment was ratified, marking the end of Prohibition. That is reason enough to have a glass of wine.

Mon Dec 05 23:19:31 2016
Samantha Guerriero

RT @ThaaoPenghlis: At the Monastery Do they serve wine? I’ll be finding out, amongst other things & hopefully some revelations revealed. ht…

Tue Dec 06 21:47:08 2016

RT @kaymerr_: listening to freshman/sophomores wine ab school & their love life problems, they don't even know bcuz it only gets worse

Tue Dec 06 21:47:06 2016
Elizabeth Petticrew

You say your love is sweeter than wine, but like are we talking moscato or sauvignon?

Tue Dec 06 21:47:06 2016

RT @HellaKev: when she knows how to wine pon di cocky like a bicycle

Tue Dec 06 21:47:05 2016
Chane Coetzee

RT @DevilryFun: It's easy to navigate your way through darkness with a glass of sparkling wine.

Tue Dec 06 21:47:02 2016
Mags Frost

@jowhiley Brilliant show! Ricky Jervais unplugged + Bowie Jim Reeves and Willy Nelson! Excellent! I-player repeats + a bottle of wine in Pjs

Tue Dec 06 21:47:01 2016
Rebecca Blood

His request for my ID didn’t register at first then I said, “Wait, was that for the wine?” When he nodded I said “God bless you, young man!"

Tue Dec 06 21:47:00 2016

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