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DBR-Summergate Split over Equity Stake

16 - dec - 10

No matter how amicable the split was projected to be, the seven-year long relationship between Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) and Summergate ended because DBR wanted a stake in the Chinese importer's equity while Summergate was not prepared to sell any.

According to a report, Summergate's managing partner Ian Ford said that the firm was not ready to sell any equity. "It was an unfortunate divergence of strategy", he said. DBR was keen to have a stake and control over their distribution in China while Summergate's 'vision of the future' was to remain independent.

"Clearly we took the decision not to sell any stake to DBR with full knowledge we were going to part ways. It was a long-considered decision," said Ford. They could not remain DBR's distributors having refused it a share in the company, he said.

Ford said they had had "a very successful partnership", and that DBR was "a fantastic brand", but he insisted "there is a lot of space for a lot of big brands in China."

Ford said Burgundy and Italy, especially Tuscany, were the two regions apart from Bordeaux that were set to take off in China.

"They are very interesting categories. The Chinese like Bordeaux because it has history, prestige, rarety and high prices. Italy and Burgundy fit that profile exactly," explained Ford.


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Thu Feb 22 20:42:15 2018
How To Get Away ABC

Who already has their wine and popcorn ready?! #TGITCrossover #HTGAWM

Thu Feb 22 00:17:52 2018

Every girl after a glass of wine #brits

Wed Feb 21 20:37:38 2018

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Fri Feb 23 04:40:23 2018

Noble Miniature Box of Wine Bottles for Your #Dollhouse by DinkyWorld - via @Etsy

Fri Feb 23 04:40:23 2018
Sugarballs Roberts

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Fri Feb 23 04:40:22 2018

RT @brianluebben: So do any of yall actually like the taste of red wine immediately or do you just keep drinking it until youre like “i can…

Fri Feb 23 04:40:21 2018
Toon Seri Anthraxxxx

RT @Duurianne: Would you drink blue wine? To satisfy my curiosity...why not? I hope to try Gik next month 🇪🇸

Fri Feb 23 04:40:21 2018
Ethan Brown

RT @JustJakeJordan: It’s the fucking Catalina wine mixer

Fri Feb 23 04:40:20 2018
Pattie Benger

Cheetos and red wine is an acceptable dinner, right?

Fri Feb 23 04:40:15 2018

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