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DBR Ends Relation with Summergate

15 - dec - 10

DBR Ends Relation with Summergate

Domaines Baron de Rothschild has ended its seven-year long relationship with Chinese importer Summergate.

According to a report, DBR wines will hand over its distribution rights to ASC Fine Wines from 1st January 2011.

DBR (Lafite) said in a statement that ‘after years of successful collaboration, this will permit to both companies to independently reach their own goals in a fast growing market.’

Summergate’s founding partner Brendan O’Toole said the split was amicable, and that ‘the relationship has been a very successful one for both parties.’

“Summergate believes that the interests of its producers…customers…and stakeholders will be best served by remaining independent and free of any single brand owner holding an equity interest in the company,” he said.

Eylon Aslan-Levy

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Wed Oct 26 09:46:35 2016
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Wed Oct 26 13:40:16 2016
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Tue Oct 25 16:46:15 2016

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Thu Oct 27 02:57:32 2016

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Thu Oct 27 02:57:32 2016

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Thu Oct 27 02:57:30 2016

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Thu Oct 27 02:57:29 2016

The latest Daily Wine News! #wine #winewednesday

Thu Oct 27 02:57:27 2016
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Thu Oct 27 02:57:24 2016

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Thu Oct 27 02:57:24 2016

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