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DBR Ends Relation with Summergate

15 - dec - 10

DBR Ends Relation with Summergate

Domaines Baron de Rothschild has ended its seven-year long relationship with Chinese importer Summergate.

According to a report, DBR wines will hand over its distribution rights to ASC Fine Wines from 1st January 2011.

DBR (Lafite) said in a statement that ‘after years of successful collaboration, this will permit to both companies to independently reach their own goals in a fast growing market.’

Summergate’s founding partner Brendan O’Toole said the split was amicable, and that ‘the relationship has been a very successful one for both parties.’

“Summergate believes that the interests of its producers…customers…and stakeholders will be best served by remaining independent and free of any single brand owner holding an equity interest in the company,” he said.

Nisa Local

Wine-ding down this Sunday? The weekend may be nearly over but we want to make sure your stocked up for the next on…

Sun Nov 19 09:00:03 2017
Lucy Worsley

Waitrose: 'I need to see proof of age before you can buy that wine.' Nice old gent behind me in queue who watches…

Sat Nov 18 09:43:52 2017

I love wine

Sat Nov 18 15:29:58 2017
pauli ♡ 118

RT @lyintomyself: i always think about this when i hear the "i'm spilling wine in the bathtub, you kiss my face and we're both drunk" line…

Mon Nov 20 00:06:26 2017
Zyra the Murloc Mama

@Hugshot If someone wants to get you drunk and you gst drunk after half a glass of wine it's good for them. Since its cheaper and fast 🤔😂

Mon Nov 20 00:06:26 2017

RT @eddieballin_: i'm a white wine mom tonight i also shaved so the mustache is STAYING

Mon Nov 20 00:06:26 2017
Michelle Williams

RT @TalesoftheCork: Amazing baked seasoned halibut, fall fruit salads delicious herb roasted potatoes last night. Thumbs up to @Pismos for…

Mon Nov 20 00:06:25 2017

RT @Baddiebetho: Yo twitter. I need y'all help ! Please RT and support my moms wine bar ! We are a black owned business located 8770 Hwy 6…

Mon Nov 20 00:06:25 2017

RT @jaackieexo: I can’t wait until the day I️ come home to my nice ass loft apartment with a nice ass view, greeted by my golden retriever,…

Mon Nov 20 00:06:24 2017
Turkey Nami 🦃

How do people drink only one glass of wine??

Mon Nov 20 00:06:24 2017

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