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Chinese Label Makes Mouton Price Soar

10 - dec - 10

Chinese Label Makes Mouton Price Soar

The Chinese magic has spelled wonder once again. The price of the 2008 vintage of Chateau Mouton Rothschild has almost doubled since the name of the Chinese artist Xu Lei was officially confirmed as the creator of its next label.

According to a report, Liv-ex, the Fine Wine Index, showed that the wine was trading for around £7,898 a case, which is an increase of 85.7% on the October price of £4,254. The rise has send Mouton 2008 into second place after its sister property Lafite in the table of top movers of 2010.

This is not the first time that Mouton Rothschild has opted for a Chinese artist on the label. The 1996 Mouton, also sports a label created by renowned Chinese calligrapher Gu Gan.

Mouton 2009, however, has not fared well. While Lafite has increased more than 25% in value in the six months since it was released in June this year, Mouton has lost 10% of its value, making it the poorest performer of the Bordeaux blue-chips. The reason behind could be the judging by the master wine critic, Robert Parker. The renowned critic rated the vintage relatively poorly while he lavishly praised Lafite.


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Fri Feb 12 10:36:46 2016

Photo from the set of the upcoming Cherry Wine video, myself and the lovely Mo Dunford taking some time outside.

Thu Feb 11 16:59:06 2016

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Fri Feb 12 10:57:00 2016
Sean Limbrick

@Luuuce_x wine? Wine at a football match??

Sat Feb 13 08:34:24 2016

RT @TP_Pillay: Naomi Campbell is aging like a fine wine.

Sat Feb 13 08:34:22 2016
Airtel Uganda

#ColorOfLove We’ve happy hour at our Forest Mall shop. Win yourself wine bottles, & other prizes when you transact.

Sat Feb 13 08:34:21 2016
Angela Scrivin

@bellinnselsley Thankyou Mark,team and @VinotopiaWine for a truly memorable "For the Love of Food" evening yesterday. Great food and wine😋🍾

Sat Feb 13 08:34:17 2016

RT @JackAssVine: *white girls drink 1 wine cooler*

Sat Feb 13 08:34:11 2016

"It's the Fucking Catalina Wine Mixer"

Sat Feb 13 08:34:10 2016
Late Bloomer

@ehjc @thelemonofpink take medication with a glass of wine and take a bottle of water to bed

Sat Feb 13 08:34:07 2016

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