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Wine, Hospitality Industry Gains Focus

09 - dec - 10

Wine, Hospitality Industry Gains Focus

The Wine Club (TWC) is soon going to launch its job portal aimed at the Wine & Hospitality Industry. The demand of quality manpower in this unique sector is on a high and as per the Crisil report, in India alone jobs in the hospitality sector has grown over 110% in a span of eight years. Keeping in mind this important development The Wine Club has undertaken an effort to facilitate quality education and recruiting assistance in the wine and hospitality industry.

Almost along the same line the Hospitality Purchasing Managers’ Forum (HPMF) formally launched which aims to provide a platform for buyers from hotels, restaurants, catering, airline industry and manufactures and traders catering to hospitality industry, keeping in mind the rapid growth of the Indian hospitality industry. The target of HPMF is to link procurement and supply, the vital ends of the procurement chain and create a better purchasing environment by developing knowledge and expertise of hospitality purchasing professionals through education, guidance and latest techniques. HPMF will provide an equal opportunity to all big and small manufacturers, vendors, suppliers and traders to showcase their range pf products.

Marie Claire

More wine please! 🍷🍷🍷 #NationalWineDay

Wed May 25 12:55:06 2016

Happy National Wine Day! Any place and any time, always goes great with wine. #nationalwineday

Wed May 25 18:38:17 2016
Doug The Pug

Today is #NationalWineDay but every day can be wine day if u really want it to be 🍷

Wed May 25 16:29:04 2016
Daniel Sandison

RT @townsendyesmate: there was a man next to me on the train googling 'get a job in the wine industry' on his ipad and for some reason its…

Thu May 26 08:38:19 2016
tasha zand

RT @ahaddock11: I'm glad I live in a world where we have National Drink Wine Day and National Wine Day, and yes they are ~completely~ diff…

Thu May 26 08:38:18 2016

Bruh our shots be pass the wine line

Thu May 26 08:38:17 2016
Felix Kossmann

New trending GIF tagged wine, more wine, empty glass, wine please via @Giphy

Thu May 26 08:38:13 2016
Travel Follower

Day 18 - Thurs - little ol wine drinkers us — Napa, CA: Day 18 - Thurs - little ol wine drin...

Thu May 26 08:38:10 2016

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