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Winemaker sentenced to prison for destroying rival’s wine

08 - nov - 17

More than two years after a winemaker from Barossa Valley had destroyed a rival company’s wine worth more than $300,000, the court sentenced him to a three-year-seven-month prison term.

According to The Guardian, Trevor David Jones entered Kellermeister Wines in the wee hours of 22 February, 2015 and opened the valves. The act led to over 27,000 litres of shiraz and chardonnay wines draining out. The lawyers argued that the company not only lost the wine, it also suffered a loss of reputation and future business opportunities.

The court observed that Jones, 60, committed the crime out of resentment. Kellermeister Wines was previously owned by Jones’ father. Jones himself was an employee of the winery till 2010. He was dismissed from his services thereafter.

The court handed out a suspended sentence. He has been placed on a two-year bond for good behaviour.

Clay Travis

“It’s insulting to say I spent $30,000 a month on wine,” says Johnny Depp, “Because it was far more.” This Depp Rol…

Sat Jun 23 01:39:46 2018
Greyson Chance

yeah ... this whole bottle of wine was for myself. but when in israel, you know?

Sat Jun 23 21:29:24 2018
Most Requested Live

The THIRD Most Requested Song of the Hour was @Pharrell & @Camila_Cabello 💃🍷 'Sangria Wine' on #MostRequestedLive…

Sun Jun 24 02:00:40 2018

RT @queenkimbaby: a girl just need a long silk robe & a glass of wine.

Sun Jun 24 16:24:50 2018

@chrisjohnson82 @PressSec Need some cheese to go with your wine Chris Johnson...

Sun Jun 24 16:24:49 2018
I Am T'Challa🏳️‍🌈I Am N'Jakada🏳️‍🌈I Am Shuri

@TMZ @TooFab Not cocaine and

Sun Jun 24 16:24:48 2018
Malcolm DeWayne

RT @JJ_Mulea: @Sicksteen_216 The usernames say it all man, H3nnyC0k3 and Vibranium Vagina 😂😂😂 That’s on you if you’re trying to wine and d…

Sun Jun 24 16:24:47 2018

RT @HaileyDenny: My mom and her bff Jen have been best gals since 5th grade. Today my moms bf broke up w her. I just came home to my mom an…

Sun Jun 24 16:24:45 2018
revana octiviani

When I get older losing my hair, many years from now. Will you still be sending me a Valentine, brown birthday gree…

Sun Jun 24 16:24:45 2018
Jim Sano

@rkdoctr @IngridIngwah @mirandadied4u @NoScienceDenial @A__Stout @PragmaticBent @AprilLigeia @realSWBDon @RJDownard…

Sun Jun 24 16:24:45 2018

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