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In a first, European wine reaches China by train

24 - jul - 17

There is a lot of buzz in the wine world with a new railroad being used recently to export European wine to China. This is the first time that wine has been sent all the way from Europe to Asia via a rail route. All previous shipments were transported through the oceans.

According to, the shipment left Germany on May 5th and reached China on June 2nd. The 28-day-trip was actually eight days shorter than a standard waterway trip. Six countries and 11,400 kilometres were covered.

The trip was an experiment carried out by F Hillebrand, a firm that exports alcoholic drinks, and Groupe InterRail, which runs container trains between Asia and Europe.

Though it was successful, the trip brought forth many challenges. The biggest challenge was the changing weather conditions that the bottles were subjected to. In the heat of May, the weather conditions in central Asia are brutal and that spells potential harm for the wines. The containers however were properly insulated to ensure the bottles remained safe. It was however concluded that all further journeys could only be carried out in spring and autumn.

quinta b.

Wanted to cut down on alcohol so I've replaced wine with tea. it's cool, but I'm not drunk so I'm not sure how this will go

Thu Aug 17 02:38:34 2017
Avenged Sevenfold

Thank you to "The Great One" Wayne Gretzky for the booze and wine to celebrate the end of the tour. We appreciate i…

Thu Aug 17 02:15:20 2017
meechie 🌎✌️

Did Elena say drunk in the jury house ? we had two bottles of wine ...once.... for five of us #bb19

Fri Aug 18 01:54:08 2017
Porcupine PR

RT @TheWhiteHartWIG: Don’t forget to get your tickets for our Wine, Beer & Cider Festival on September 1 & 2 #LiveMusic #HogRoast #Paella h…

Fri Aug 18 08:34:04 2017
Olivia Sapatinho

RT @lustforgays: lana del rey ages like wine

Fri Aug 18 08:34:03 2017

RT @liveloveunhae: "Your lips look pretty on those wine glass, but it would look much more better on my cock." hungry4donghae_img https://…

Fri Aug 18 08:34:02 2017
King of Hyrule

@frolloid_bot I think you've had enough wine for now. Tell your twin that he should stop you from drinking more. *hiccups*

Fri Aug 18 08:33:59 2017
Diane D

RT @KngHnryVIII: Today - brekkie - wider shoulders - bigger codpiece - kingly poses - daddy issues - shout at whoever - equate cake w love…

Fri Aug 18 08:33:58 2017
Get Wine Jobs

Wine Guides - #BatonRouge , LA ( Get Wine Jobs

Fri Aug 18 08:33:55 2017
Kevin Boykin

@GenerationXChic @TrumpTheHill @realDonaldTrump Yeah what was the name of that winery according to him? He didn't s…

Fri Aug 18 08:33:54 2017

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