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Rich Ugandan Socialite Buried with Cash and Champagne

31 - may - 17

Ivan Semwanga, a Ugandan billionaire, who died on May 25, was laid to rest with a good stock of champagne and some cash, reports The socialite, who lived in South Africa, suffered a heart attack.

The 39-year-old was a billionaire and a philanthropist. He started the Rich Gang which supported underprivileged Ugandan youth in South Africa. He regularly contributed towards the betterment of the young Ugandans in South Africa.

Semwanga was married to Zari Hassan, a big Ugandan star. Zari said that her ex-husband always believed that life was short and one should enjoy every moment. He lived his life lavishly and his friends and family gave him a fitting farewell. Bottles of expensive champagne and cash notes were placed on his coffin before the burial.

The members of the rich gang have employed security personnel to monitor the grave to ensure no one digs out the money or the costly bottles of wine.

Bill Mitchell

ICE Director: Suspected Wine Country Arsonist Is Illegal Alien Mexican National - Breitbart

Thu Oct 19 17:52:12 2017
Marcus Stroman

Happy birthday to the legend. Just like that red wine. Becoming more potent and better with age! Love you my brothe…

Thu Oct 19 18:19:15 2017
Breitbart News

Knock me over with a feather.

Thu Oct 19 16:12:04 2017
hannah roman ⚜️

food & wine festival with the fam 🔥🤤😍

Fri Oct 20 19:53:42 2017
Josh Rosema

Bottling up feelings like a cheap wine.

Fri Oct 20 19:53:38 2017
Tonia Caselman

The latest Winning Wines! #wine #food

Fri Oct 20 19:53:37 2017

#Mersal an old wine in a new bottle @ThenandalFilms easily predictable worst screenplay ..

Fri Oct 20 19:53:37 2017
julia cooper

RT @HamiltonPug: Our pug crew is going to run our @Kimpton hotel next week when we arrive for #PugsTakeDC. Hope they have extra snacks at w…

Fri Oct 20 19:53:36 2017
Eza kwa Rumbu_

I have never seen it before.😂😂 But boxed wine zange yalunga

Fri Oct 20 19:53:32 2017
Anne B

@raceclear It'll look better with wine 😂😂😂

Fri Oct 20 19:53:29 2017

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