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2017 Argentina vintage small but fantastic

23 - may - 17

The Argentinean winemakers are a happy lot. After two disappointing vintages owning to unfavourable weather conditions, the 2017 vintage is being seen as one the best. While the volume of the wine produced is low, the quality is very high, reports

“After 2014 and 2015 were challenged by rain close to the harvest, and 2016 in spring and early summer, we had a return to almost normal Mendoza weather. The only problem was a series of near-frost events during spring. This resulted in a poor fruit set for Malbec, with yields down between 40% and 60%” said, Santiago Achaval, a local winemaker.

The harvest was earlier than usual and that proved to be a blessing. A bout of heavy rainfall took place right after the harvest was done in mid-April.

The overall production is said to be almost 40-70% lower than normal. “2017 will be remembered for its excellent quality and low volume. Low yields and excellent ripeness led to an impressive concentration of tannins and very intense colour,” said winemaker Marcos Fernández.


We about to lose our most important player while our owner plays a tambourine solo at a wine bar

Thu Jun 22 15:25:06 2017
Yeezy Mafia

NMD_CS2 Wine & Forest Releasing next month #MafiaSZN

Thu Jun 22 17:24:37 2017
Janel Parrish

When your waiter arrives with wine 🍷

Thu Jun 22 02:17:21 2017
Jimothy 🀧

RT @orionnichole: fine like strawberry wine in the summer time πŸ₯‚πŸŒŸβœ¨

Fri Jun 23 15:26:11 2017
جوزيف *

RT @bukowski_quote: β€œThe ideal conditions [for writing] are between 10 PM and 2 AM. Bottle of wine, smokes, radio on to classical music ...…

Fri Jun 23 15:26:10 2017
Snr Mine (Man)

RT @BiQomusic: Palm Wine Music drops at 6pm. 🌴🌴

Fri Jun 23 15:26:05 2017
NicNac πŸ’‹πŸ’

I've had 2 slices of white bread toasted and opened wine. By 5pm I'll look 18 months pregnant

Fri Jun 23 15:26:05 2017
Kate Maxcy

@Da_Don_Stefan @scarpmclovin which fine wine?

Fri Jun 23 15:26:04 2017
Timothy Bonebrake

After finishing my seminar at Stellenbosch Uni I decided to celebrate with some wine. This is a decision I do not e…

Fri Jun 23 15:26:03 2017

The ultimate guide to #wine via @MensHealthMag

Fri Jun 23 15:26:01 2017

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