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Terry Hall, former Napa Valley Communications Director , Dies

14 - may - 17

One of the most iconic figures of Napa Valley, Terry Hall, has died. He was the Napa Valley Vintners Communications Manager and was a widely respected person in the wine industry.

Hall left for his heavenly abode on April 20. He was 59 years and according to, had been ill for a quite a while. He had worked in various facilities in California including Yosemite National Park’s Ahwahnee Hotel, May Lake High Sierra Camp, White Wolf Lodge and Yosemite Lodge.

He was an avid nature lover and had a bachelor’s degree in recreation administration. His colleagues remember him as someone who had excellent communication skills, was kind and courteous and was adventurous in every sense of the word.

Hall was also one of the founding board members of the Symposium for Professional Wine Writers. He was also on the board of Visit Napa Valley.

The Napa Valley Vintners and Trefethen Vineyards have organised a memorial service for Terry Hall on June 20 at the Trefethen Vineyards.

Heather [sapphiRe]

I've held on to this for a years so it could age like a fine wine. Now it's up for grabs :) Follow, retweet, win CS…

Wed Jul 26 16:05:51 2017
Joy Reid

Don't forget "when I drink my little wine... and I have my little cracker" re communion.

Wed Jul 26 22:05:03 2017

As much as half the wine consumed in China may be fake

Thu Jul 27 02:00:38 2017

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Thu Jul 27 20:52:55 2017
Judith Robbins

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Thu Jul 27 20:52:54 2017
Consumers First

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Thu Jul 27 20:52:54 2017

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Thu Jul 27 20:52:54 2017
DianeB KanezaM

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Thu Jul 27 20:52:53 2017

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Thu Jul 27 20:52:53 2017

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Thu Jul 27 20:52:53 2017

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