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Jay Z Launches New Expensive Champagne

04 - may - 17

Rapper Jay Z, who is also a successful business tycoon, has launched a new champagne. The sparkling wine, named A2, is priced at a whopping $850 a bottle, reports The range has only 2333 bottles.

While the bubbly is pretty steeply priced and out of reach of most people, some collectors have already pre-ordered the wine. The champagne inside is said to be fine and sophisticated. The outer appearance is no less attractive. Each bottle is shiny with an inscription of an ace of spades on it. Every bottle also has a number between one and 2333 inscribed on it.  

Armand de Brignac Champagne, the company that Jay Z holds, is the producer of the bubbly. The company’s CEO, Sebastien Besson said that Jay Z "always has a few bottles on hand for a celebration, I know that for sure.”


#MegaMonday Giveaway! To #WIN a mixed case of @JacobsCreek Pinot & Shiraz in the Londis Big Wine Giveaway, simply…

Mon May 29 07:00:49 2017
Elnathan John

In Nigeria, the British don't need to do too much work spying. We will convene at the ambassadors house to volunteer information over wine.

Sun May 28 18:14:59 2017
Mahela Jayawardena

How good is @KumarSanga2 👏👏5 consecutive hundreds which the last one was 200.He is like a good bottle of wine..wonder which year is vintage?

Sun May 28 08:05:04 2017
SzeChuan Sauce

Cept that i cant fast wine

Tue May 30 01:31:15 2017
Michelle Carlson

RT @TheFuckingCat: There's still time to drink a bottle of wine tonight, just be sober enough to attend to your cats as they are your numbe…

Tue May 30 01:31:15 2017
Erik Johnson

39 Tweets That Capture How Much Parents Love Wine | So many are so true. #wine

Tue May 30 01:31:15 2017
iza 🌈

"Jelly babies and chocolate" katie pls we all know u'll drink lots of wine

Tue May 30 01:31:15 2017
Wine Lovers Shop

Chin-Up Will Run For #Wine Womens Junior Tank Top #winelover #wineoclock #vino #winetasting

Tue May 30 01:31:14 2017
The Hedonist

RT @TheSpitter: From grass btw the vines to grassroots organics the Okanagan is heading to a place befitting its spendy niche wines. https:…

Tue May 30 01:31:13 2017

When the wine has more alcohol than the beer. #DunsmuirBrewery #Wine #GoodEats.

Tue May 30 01:31:10 2017

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