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January-like-temperatures in April spell doom for European Vineyards

03 - may - 17

Sub-zero temperatures are common in many parts of Europe. However, the occurrence of such weather in late April is not. The plunging temperatures have caused a lot of damages to many vines in France, Germany and Switzerland, reports

While some regions in France experienced temperatures as low as -5° Celsius, the condition was no better in parts of Switzerland. The frost that came along with the lowered temperatures is said to have damaged more than 550 hectares of vineyards in Switzerland’s Valais region.

The winemakers are disappointed because the cold and the frost will have an impact on the overall wine production. The vintage may fall by as much as 30%, say the experts.

Some of the local winery owners in France tried to combat the problem by launching helicopters over the vines to dry off the frost and make the air warmer. Whether this will change the fortune of the 2017 vintage remains to be seen.  


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Mon May 29 07:00:49 2017
Elnathan John

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Sun May 28 18:14:59 2017
Mahela Jayawardena

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Sun May 28 08:05:04 2017
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Tue May 30 01:31:34 2017

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Tue May 30 01:31:34 2017
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Tue May 30 01:31:33 2017

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Tue May 30 01:31:30 2017

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Tue May 30 01:31:28 2017
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Tue May 30 01:31:26 2017
Grayson Torgersen

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Tue May 30 01:31:23 2017

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