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UK Supermarket Introduces Cheap French Wine to Attract Customers

12 - apr - 17

UK supermarket Aldi has launched a line of French wines that are priced between £4.99 and £6.99, reports Mirror Online. The wines are available at all the Aldi stores as well as online.

The range, which comprises of 11 bottles, has catchy names as well. Some of the names of the wines are Men are from Mars and Fit You. The purpose behind the quirky names is to tell people that French wines are neither difficult to obtain nor are they difficult to pronounce.

“There’s no doubt that France produces some of the best wines in the world so we have worked with our suppliers to develop a new, exciting and accessible range to allow as many people as possible to discover what our wine making neighbour has to offer," said Aldi’s Tony Baines.

French wines have been losing their popularity in the United Kingdom over the last few years. The price of the wines is a major factor. But with the economical range, Aldi hopes to reintroduce the French wines in the English homes with their old zeal.  


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Mood: Kris Jenner alone in a playground with a bottle of wine

Tue Sep 19 22:14:04 2017
Nikki & Brie

Finally!! You can now purchase Belle Radici online at 🍷 a little bit of heaven in a bottle!…

Tue Sep 19 15:23:54 2017
Brandon Woelfel

Just went to a wine & paint night and honestly had way too much fun🎨🥂

Thu Sep 21 01:29:42 2017
Alienated Sh'Montana

@SaifElBirawi Wine and spirits... Ps I still have no idea what spirits are.

Thu Sep 21 08:41:06 2017
Ollie Webb

@johnmarkcomer Thanks mate, my bro heard you at New Wine, they live in Bath, and said we shared a love of God and Coffee!

Thu Sep 21 08:41:05 2017
Global Wine News

Anson: A new Super Tuscan counter culture #Wine (blog)

Thu Sep 21 08:41:04 2017
Folklore Thursday

RT @ArtQuartet: Evening Primrose Oenothera (L) from Oinos=wine and thera=catch/hunt. Ancients would #harvest this crop for wine & relish. #…

Thu Sep 21 08:41:04 2017

RT @DemiCassiani: "The #night is even more richly colored than the #day . . . ." — Vincent van Gogh . . . #photography by @_Billecart #win…

Thu Sep 21 08:41:02 2017
Pedro Mercado

RT @EricAsimov: The most exciting wine area in the USA right now? I say it's Oregon.

Thu Sep 21 08:41:00 2017
Imagine Works

RT @BwDisrupt: A win Wine situation for @Fratelli_Wines. @KapilSekhri1 #startupindia #startups #BWDisruptors @rsardana @vtrakroo https://t.…

Thu Sep 21 08:40:57 2017

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