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New Survey Throws Interesting Light on Indian Wine Consumers

15 - mar - 17

A study, conducted by Drshti Strategic Research Services, on behalf of the Sonal Holland Wine Academy, brought forward some very interesting data about the wine consumers in India. According to The Economic Times, the survey was conducted as Sonal Holland, India’s first and only Master of Wine, felt there wasn’t enough information about the Indian wine consumers, even while India continued to grow as a wine market globally.

The study involved personal interviews of over 800 wine lowers in Bangalore, Pune, Goa, Delhi and Mumbai. It was found that the price of the wine was the main determinant in choosing the beverage. Very few people understood the differences between the vintages, the wine growing regions, the wine legacy and other such factors that give wine its distinguishing flavour. Most people selected the wine, based on its price and its colour.

It was also found that almost half the wine drinking population of urban India drank wine by the glass and bottle purchases were not as widespread.

These observations are quite interesting since the India wine industry is growing and there is more awareness about the Indian wines globally. Some Indian wines have even won prestigious medals in world championships in the recent past.

Ms Holland, who founded the Sonal Holland Wine Academy, said, “Global wine companies inevitably rely on local consumer research data to design country-specific marketing strategies. India-specific research data on wine is limited; moreover it employs trade-focused methodology to report trends with no involvement from the Indian wine consumer.”

Heather [sapphiRe]

I've held on to this for a years so it could age like a fine wine. Now it's up for grabs :) Follow, retweet, win CS…

Wed Jul 26 16:05:51 2017
Joy Reid

Don't forget "when I drink my little wine... and I have my little cracker" re communion.

Wed Jul 26 22:05:03 2017

As much as half the wine consumed in China may be fake

Thu Jul 27 02:00:38 2017

RT @jinminpeach: Why do I find the boys drinking wine so attractive 🤔

Thu Jul 27 14:34:45 2017
brande midgett

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Thu Jul 27 14:34:44 2017

RT @jikookvoyage: jimin filming jk while hes setting up the table, theyre drinking wine but since jk isnt legal in the us yet so he had to…

Thu Jul 27 14:34:43 2017

RT @ultpledis17: i cannot take the fact that mingyu drinks wine seriously. what sort of man sews small cute anime mascots called bongbong a…

Thu Jul 27 14:34:39 2017

RT @behindthepl8s: A Travel Planning Guide to Washington State Wine Country 🍷 {} @Wa_State_Wine @WINESofWA @WWValley…

Thu Jul 27 14:34:36 2017
Sari Ojakoski

RT @alawine: There's nothing better than relaxing with a glass of #wine... RT @SCWinery:

Thu Jul 27 14:34:34 2017
Glen W. Haag

The smell of wine and cheap perfume?

Thu Jul 27 14:34:34 2017

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