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Student wine to be sold to wineries in California

02 - mar - 17

Wine produced by the students of University of California’s Department of Viticulture and Enology will now be sold to local wineries, reports The Drinks Business. Previously, a law prevented the wine from being sold and legally it had to be destroyed after production. A new bill was passed and the change was implemented.

The students produce about 6500 gallons of wine per annum. The US Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has now issued a licence to the university that permits them to sell the wine. The wine is to be sold in individual bottles priced at $80 each.

The university however is not looking at any commercial gain from the sales. Rather, the students and professors feel a commercial angle to the deals would distract them from the winemaking process.

“The hope is we will return some revenue to the university’s viticulture and enology program because it does cost the program a lot of money to produce the wine. One of the reasons why we won’t market under our name is we don’t want to be distracted by the need to have a commercial motivation. It’s really about making wine as part of our teaching mission and not having to pour it down the drain,” said Jacob A. Appelsmith, a faculty member of the university.

Kyle Griffin

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Kyle MacLachlan

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Thu May 25 21:05:11 2017
Kyle MacLachlan

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Thu May 25 17:15:37 2017

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Fri May 26 13:04:13 2017
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Fri May 26 13:04:09 2017
Tweet Stuffy

Why Canned Wine Needs to Be Your Go-To BBQ Drink This Summer

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Fri May 26 13:04:05 2017
Jude Haste - Author

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Fri May 26 13:04:04 2017

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