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British pop star buys champagne worth £6K for guests at album launch

26 - feb - 17

British rapper Tinie Tempah bought champagne worth £6000 for the female guests at a nightclub in London, reports The Sun. The pop star was at London’s chic Soho nightclub, Paper, to launch his new album.

He partied at the club with his friends while the servers distributed the wine from 12 bottles of vintage Dom Perignon champagne to the female partygoers of Paper. Tempah personally paid for the sparkling wine.

“I think I’m going to give most of the champagne away to the beautiful women in the club,” said the generous pop star when he took the mike at the event. He then went to the DJ console and rapped a few of his popular songs.

The partygoers could not have asked for more, having wined with their favourite star who stayed at the venue till 3 in the morning.

Heather [sapphiRe]

I've held on to this for a years so it could age like a fine wine. Now it's up for grabs :) Follow, retweet, win CS…

Wed Jul 26 16:05:51 2017
Joy Reid

Don't forget "when I drink my little wine... and I have my little cracker" re communion.

Wed Jul 26 22:05:03 2017

As much as half the wine consumed in China may be fake

Thu Jul 27 02:00:38 2017
Caroline Dubois

RT @eju86: Wine pairing training today with @caroduboisheys

Thu Jul 27 14:43:23 2017

RT @tetenitae: international aged jungkook had chocolate drink instead of wine because he can't drink on us since he's underage https://t.c…

Thu Jul 27 14:43:20 2017
The Fudge Bar

RT @tastetynedale: And for the beer, 🍻 wine 🍷 and cocktail 🍸lovers, there's so many to choose from! #Hexham #Festival…

Thu Jul 27 14:43:20 2017

Melody of wine first, or is already seen her books and Ireland are such a bit of an actor was in the next 10 days.

Thu Jul 27 14:43:20 2017
da.i; 自尊

RT @firtsIove: a concept: yoonmin and their wine

Thu Jul 27 14:43:20 2017
edrien 🐯

RT @19970901net: RM: jungkook, are we having glasses of wine JK: no i cant drink since this is the US RM(?):I got you chocolate milk HAHAH…

Thu Jul 27 14:43:18 2017

RT @ItsAPerfectLife: mood: cold trees, bonfire, vintage books and wine

Thu Jul 27 14:43:18 2017

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