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British pop star buys champagne worth £6K for guests at album launch

26 - feb - 17

British rapper Tinie Tempah bought champagne worth £6000 for the female guests at a nightclub in London, reports The Sun. The pop star was at London’s chic Soho nightclub, Paper, to launch his new album.

He partied at the club with his friends while the servers distributed the wine from 12 bottles of vintage Dom Perignon champagne to the female partygoers of Paper. Tempah personally paid for the sparkling wine.

“I think I’m going to give most of the champagne away to the beautiful women in the club,” said the generous pop star when he took the mike at the event. He then went to the DJ console and rapped a few of his popular songs.

The partygoers could not have asked for more, having wined with their favourite star who stayed at the venue till 3 in the morning.


All I need is a glass of wine and More Life

Wed Mar 22 21:20:10 2017

Follow & RT @CafeRougeTweet to #Win 3 COURSE MEAL AND A BOTTLE OF HOUSE WINE! T&Cs…

Wed Mar 22 14:14:21 2017
National Geographic

Did you know wine ages differently underwater?

Thu Mar 23 22:00:17 2017
Hannah Wijnhamer

RT @ashfiler3: Plans for summer: work & country concerts

Fri Mar 24 00:07:14 2017
Jake Spade ♠️🖤

Question to twitter, when there's free wine at an event, do you pace yourself, or do you drink and refill quickly due to limited amounts? 😅

Fri Mar 24 00:07:11 2017
Anthony Giorno

8:07 pm, where's my glass of wine? #butactually #itsbeenaweek #whyamidoingwork #whyaminotdrunk #itsthirstythursday #notforme

Fri Mar 24 00:07:11 2017
Rendezvous Pub

Worried about #cooking #DinnerTonight. 5 of our #gourmet #pasta dishes are on special, to go with a nice glass of…

Fri Mar 24 00:07:10 2017
Leslie Hassler

Wine, Wisdom and Wardrobe with #NAWBODFW looking for a organization and community that supports…

Fri Mar 24 00:07:09 2017

RT @NatGeo: Did you know wine ages differently underwater?

Fri Mar 24 00:07:09 2017
Nick Schommer

If she wants wine then let their be motherfucken wine🍷

Fri Mar 24 00:07:07 2017

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