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Man builds champagne bottle house in memory of his brother

23 - feb - 17

Eldar Ilchibayev’s brother, who passed away a few years back, had dreamt of making a house out of empty champagne bottles. His dream remained unfulfilled, but after his passing, his brother and father decided to go ahead with the plan. The house has now been completed in Russia’s western Ural Mountain region, reports

Eldar and his father waited for two years before they could get enough bottles to finish the house. They collected the empty bottles from various recycling factories. Friends and neighbours also donated their used sparkling wine bottles. If he had to use his own bottles, Eldar would have had to consume 32 bottles of champagne daily for one whole year!

The house has a wooden frame. The builders have poured concrete in between the bottles to hold them in place. The champagne house has now become a major tourist attraction as well.

Christopher Hayes

I imagine John Boehner waking up early today, & sitting in front of a big flat screen w C-SPAN on, a glass of red wine, and a pack of smokes

Fri Mar 24 10:14:57 2017

How the 1% are prepping for the apocalypse: underground swimming pools, huge wine cellars, movie theaters...…

Sat Mar 25 05:31:03 2017
Cyn Santana

Just like wine ✨

Sat Mar 25 03:17:22 2017
Ƀ⚆ℨℨ⋋ .ℨĬℕ⅁⚇

Sunshine and white wine because life is good.

Sat Mar 25 17:35:30 2017
Valarie Myers

My favorite! 😍😍😍🍷 Indulge in some of your own (or gift to a friend!) by visiting. #wine...

Sat Mar 25 17:35:28 2017
Sarah Browne

Have you switched from wine to cannabis? "California's Second Biggest Industry Could Soon Crush Its First."

Sat Mar 25 17:35:27 2017
Gabrielle Sarmiento

RT @GlassOfBubbly: If you want to enjoy Veuve Clicquot then I suggest you …. Wine from @VeuveClicquot via @Vivino:…

Sat Mar 25 17:35:26 2017

#ARGENTINA 9/9 - #Wine #Tasting at the #Bodegas around #Mendoza @niume_official #Niume #blog #travel #backpacking

Sat Mar 25 17:35:23 2017
young mother nature✨

Yes RT @ty_hotcommodity: Wine, queen, a snatched face, success, GEMSS RT @Aye_Mich3ll3: I wanna know 👀

Sat Mar 25 17:35:21 2017
Lake Victoria Serena

RT @ErastusMwan: @owaahh @lvictoriaserena @vinieo the wine takes away all the marks for the horizone short.

Sat Mar 25 17:35:21 2017

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