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Gérard Colin, known for popularising Chinese wine, dies

16 - feb - 17

Wine in China was not so popular three decades ago. The little wine that was available in the country was imported. So it was a distant dream for anyone to see a wine grown and produced in China to receive international acceptance. This happened eventually and the person who made it happen was Gérard Colin. Colin, a true pioneer of wine in China, died last week, reports

Gérard Colin was 75. We was a Bordeaux educated wine expert with many years of experience in the wine industry. He travelled to China in 1990 to meet a vineyard owner. The vineyard, one of China’s most popular today, promptly appointed him as a consulted. The rest, they say, is history.

Colin worked endlessly with the local winemakers to create world-class wine in the vines of the Grace Vineyards in China’s Shanxi province. He used his winemaking knowledge from Bordeaux and created wines that were truly world class. The wines won many national and international accolades.

After working for a few vineyards in China, he started his own winemaking business in the country. He had also worked on increasing wine tourism in China.


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