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Seven Per Cent of Adults Suffer from Wine Intolerance: Study

09 - jul - 12

Seven Per Cent of Adults Suffer from Wine Intolerance: StudyAround seven per cent of adults suffer from intolerance to wine. This is what is found in the result of a survey presented by Peter Wigand and co-authors in the current edition of Deutsches Arzteblatt International, reports The Times of India.

The authors evaluated 948 questionnaires that were returned from the 4000 sent out to randomly selected people between the ages of 20 and 69 years.

They found that women (8.9%) were more often affected by intolerance to wine than men (5.2%).

The most commonly reported reactions included flushed and itchy skin and a runny nose.

The symptoms were particularly common after drinking red wine. Additionally, people with a wine intolerance were more likely to report other food intolerances.

The interpretation of Wigand et al. is that these results to not necessarily indicate a true allergy, but rather intolerance to alcohol, biogenic amines, sulfites, or other ingredients.

Jewel Staite

"I should drink water." <drinks cappuccinos till 5pm> "I should drink water." <drinks wine> "I should drink water." <dies of dehydration>

Thu May 26 17:26:53 2016
MailOnline Sport

Is that wine to celebrate? Jose dressed to impress as he prepares for United confirmation

Thu May 26 16:45:07 2016

Calling all river cruisers and wine lovers: Float down North America's fourth largest river this summer

Thu May 26 16:05:09 2016

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Fri May 27 23:56:55 2016
Peerless Hotel

TONIGHT IS OUR LAST FRIDAY NIGHT WINE TASTING (for the season)... Join us tonight for the fine wines of PEBBLESTONE CELLARS!

Fri May 27 23:56:54 2016

Goodnight "light", sleep well. To much wine so a short message, there is a danger of me saying something silly :-*

Fri May 27 23:56:53 2016
Vanisha Renee Pierce

BRUH!!!!! CLEARLY I need to go here. Vive la France, yo!

Fri May 27 23:56:52 2016

RT @RabbitRidgeWine: The fancy tasting room at Chateau Beaucastel and where I first fell in love with #Roussanne wine…

Fri May 27 23:56:52 2016

How did I live without wine?? It's my bestfriend.

Fri May 27 23:56:51 2016
Mrs Edelweiss Pirate

Anytime I walk to the beer & wine then home again I feel like I've earned a second cider.

Fri May 27 23:56:49 2016

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