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I would love to go to Napa Valley with my love.

Your Zodiac:


Your Favorite Color:

Silver and Black

Your Fitness Regime:

Swimming once a week. Functional training 5 times a week, plus working one body part out along with a balanced diet and lots of water.

You won't get out of the house without:

My phone and wallet.

Your wallet would always have:

My lucky khazana coin which I acquired from Vaishno Devi.

Your Favorite Jewellery / Accessory :

My bracelet and a local Jodhpuri baali.

Your favorite wine:

Sassacia / Girgish Hill... And they should be, as they say, the older the better.

You enjoy wine with:

Sitting by the deck, or on my terrace with close friends.

Code Red or Code White

Code Red, mostly.

What is your favourite food with Red Wine?

Has to be italian.

What is your favourite food with White Wine?

Has to be italian again.

Your Favourite Restaurant / Wine Lounge:

Aurrus, Cafe Diva, Dome and Aer.

On a wine journey where would you like to go and with whom?

I would love to go to Napa Valley with my love. I’ve heard and seen a lot about Napa.

Your advice to wine or other alcoholic beverage drinking adults:

Know your wine... You'll never go wrong.

Your greatest regret?

I was in Australia but could not visit the vineyards there. I would love to go there again.

Your upcoming projects?

I'm currently shooting for Dangerous Ishhq in 3D. It’s a film by Vikram Bhatt.

Your all time favorite artist / co-star?

Has to be Johnny Lever and Karishma Kapoor.

Your special message to your fans in

Try them all, know them all, and eventually stick to the one you love. Not only for wine, the idea goes for everything I guess.



All I need is a glass of wine and More Life

Wed Mar 22 21:20:10 2017

Follow & RT @CafeRougeTweet to #Win 3 COURSE MEAL AND A BOTTLE OF HOUSE WINE! T&Cs…

Wed Mar 22 14:14:21 2017
National Geographic

Did you know wine ages differently underwater?

Thu Mar 23 22:00:17 2017
JM Schreiber

@Scott_Hadley @GrantRintoul @SolemnPhiz Just read your review. Oddly I wondered if she had too much wine during the interview...

Fri Mar 24 00:09:01 2017

M36 is blocked off from pettysville to kress? I just wanted wine?

Fri Mar 24 00:09:01 2017

RT @Way_Things_Work: Sky reflection in wine glass.

Fri Mar 24 00:09:01 2017
Jeffrey Chang

My favorite wine's vineyard!!! #shaferhillsideselect #shafervineyards #stagsleapdistrict…

Fri Mar 24 00:08:59 2017
Katarina Andersson

RT @SLBriscoe: B/C it's #FridayEve & you deserve this #wine @Dracaenawines @boozychef @shaunmyrick @always5star @wi…

Fri Mar 24 00:08:59 2017

RT @JonRiley7: Trump won't call the AHCA "Trumpcare." This is the man who will put his name on garbage wine & scam "universities." This mus…

Fri Mar 24 00:08:59 2017

@ladamasurena checking out the local #wine scene! #Florida #ShallWeWine #LetsEat @ Mod Wine Lounge

Fri Mar 24 00:08:57 2017

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